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EOSC Future project (April 2021 – March 2024)
Summary of RDA open calls in the EOSC Future project: domain ambassadors and projects

RDA involvement in the EOSC Future project

Group of EOSC Future RDA open call awardees at RDA plenary in Gothenburg

H2020 project EOSC Future: 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2024

Introduction and background

RDA was a partner of the European EOSC Future project that is developing a trusted platform for open science and FAIR data, resources and services in all scientific disciplines. The project’s ambition can be summarised as extending the “baseline European Open Science Cloud” and turning it into a platform with a durable set of user-friendly components “designed for the long haul”. Most of the key exploitable results (KERs) of the project are aligned with core issues of interest to the RDA community: interoperability, community-building and cross-/interdisciplinary research. 

RDA Involvement in the EOSC Future

Engaging with underrepresented communities

RDA partnered with the Digital Repository of Ireland to engage with communities that had – so far – been underrepresented in the EOSC-related activities. The activity aimed to increase EOSC awareness in these communities and identify obstacles to engagement that should be addressed in the future. The results of this activity were summarised in Report summary cards such as one below.

For the full set of summary cards, please see the corresponding Zenodo publication. The details of the activity and in-depth analysis the summary cards are based are published in a separate report.

Open calls

The EOSC Future project focused on strengthening links between EOSC and RDA communities. Through the 11 open calls coordinated by the RDA, it provided financial support to 40 targeted actions involving 16 research disciplines and researchers from 22 countries.

Open Call Results

EOSC Future open call outputs infographic: 22 countries, 40 awards, 19 disciplines, 170 presentations and 140 reports
EOSC Future open call outputs

The programme’s impact has been summarised in a report published on Zenodo (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10821653) and presented in more detail on the pages linked below.

In-depth: blogs, spotlights and bulletins


RDA Ambassadors’ impressions from the RDA 20th Plenary

DMP challenges and solutions presented by DESY, photon and neutron facility

Domain ambassadors


Acknowledgements and disclaimers

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