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The Value of the Research Data Alliance to Regions

The Value of the RDA to Regions

The RDA recognises that strong partnerships with its Regional members are crucial to its success as an international organisation. This is achieved through a complementary and mutually-beneficial relationship between the RDA and its Regions.

The RDA provides the forum for the international community to connect and share knowledge on all aspects of data sharing. This global perspective is a key strength of RDA given that the challenges in data sharing are present throughout the world.

Value and benefits are realised through the work and business of the RDA.

The Value of Regions to the RDA

The international forum created by the diverse regional composition of the RDA is hugely beneficial to legitimise and strengthen the RDA’s Recommendations and Outputs.

Regions contribute to the RDA community’s work through participation in core activities, such as plenaries, Working and Interest Groups, workshops, and the collaborative creation of Recommendations and Outputs. Regions also contribute to RDA business through contributions (in-kind, monetary, hosting plenaries, etc.)


  • The Regional Assembly (RA) is an appropriate formal body that gives Contributing, New and Aspiring Regions a voice in the business and strategy of RDA. It has an appropriate role in the RDA governance structures reflecting its high level of contribution to delivery of the RDA mission and vision.
  • Each Region is responsible for administering activities in their region and for selecting a representative to participate in the RA.
  • The Regional Advisory Board (RAB) consists of one representative from each contributing Region. The RAB elects co-chairs to participate on the RDA Council as observers to maximise the benefits of Regions to RDA and RDA to the Regions.
  • Funders from contributing Regions may participate in the Funders Forum to assist RDA in its vision, strategy and accountability.

Legitimacy of Regions

Regions are expected to: 

Creation of New Regions

Groups interested in creating a new Region are encouraged to discuss the expectations, benefits, and relationship between a Region and the RDA with the Secretariat. Regions will be recognised by the RDA through a Formal Arrangement between a regional contact and the RDA Foundation2.