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The Research Data Insider: DMP Support Package For Norwegian Higher Education Libraries
05 April, 2024

Writing a Data Management Plan (DMP) is a useful process for creating awareness and to support good data management routines in research projects, but can also be experienced as an administrative burden.

The Research Data Insider: Data Ethics And The UNESCO Recommendations For Open Science
03 May, 2024

The CODATA Data Ethics Working Group has been working with global scholars to collaboratively establish a basic consensus for further activities and research on data ethics principles and a data ethics framework which will help to promote global open data exchange and applications in alignment with the UNESCO Recommendations on Open Science.

Kuratornettverket Og Støttepakke For Datahåndteringsplaner: To Prosjekter På Én Dag.
29 May, 2024

Onsdag 29. mai 2024 lanseres «Kuratornettverk for FAIR forskingsdata». Dette skjer i form av et halvdags lanseringsseminar som finner sted i Georg Sverdrups hus, Universitetsbiblioteket, Universitetet i Oslo. Samme dag og samme sted arrangeres et verksted i regi av prosjektet «Datahåndteringsplaner: støttepakke for norske UH-bibliotek».

The Research Data Insider: Introducing The GORC Model
31 May, 2024

The The Global Open Research Commons International (GORC) model describes how the research infrastructure ecology is moving towards providing shared virtual spaces or platforms, presenting the researchers with a marketplace of and for data and services. But what is the GORC Model actually? And how does this approach apply to and affect the development of research data infrastructure?