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The Value of the Research Data Alliance to …

Depending on your area of interest, or your scientific or research field or, indeed, your role and organisation in the global data landscape, the RDA has different benefits and opportunities for you. See the value of the RDA according to stakeholder type

Group of Early Career Individuals
Early Career Individuals

Participation of students and early career professionals is tremendously important to RDA. Not only does RDA benefit greatly from this diversified and inter-generational community, but engagement with data communities throughout the world also affords this next generation of leadership the opportunity to obtain expertise regarding data infrastructure while becoming well-connected.

Funders & Policy Makers

Agencies fund research to deliver benefits to their stakeholders. This value is enhanced if the research is of high quality and can be used for new purposes.
Funders are much more connected internationally in a way that enhances the value of the services they provide to their stakeholders while also enhancing the competitiveness of their research.

Industry & Private Sector

By engaging with RDA, private sector industries have the opportunity to collaborate with a large population of data experts throughout the globe representing various disciplines and professions, which could have immense impact on their own strategy and goals. 

Infrastructure Providers

Research infrastructures are increasingly requested to establish global data policies and to manage and share their data, with FAIR data and data management plans as core elements among many others. RDA offers a forum for discussion, identification and development of these policies as well as solutions.


Engagement with RDA can enable libraries to redefine and expand their new roles and become an essential player in the area of research data management (RDM), data curation and preservation. As the global community works towards the harmonisation of RDM, library professionals have skills and expertise which can contribute greatly to the development of best practices.

Regions & Nations

Strong partnerships with regions and nations across the globe are achieved through a complementary and mutually-beneficial relationship between the RDA and its regions. The RDA provides the forum for the international community to connect and share knowledge on all aspects of data sharing. 

Researchers & Scientists

Individuals working collectively are the heart of the RDA. They participate in global discussions on Open Science, research data management, the FAIR Principles. Propose new topics for discussion and contribute to the practical development of concrete solutions. They have access to an extraordinary network of data experts with a broad set of experiences, perspectives, practices, and intellectual frameworks relevant to data-driven innovation.

Research Performing Organisations

Research Performing Organisations provide an organisational perspective of the data sharing and re-use challenges. RPOs can influence the RDA direction, and assist in the implementation and adoption of the RDA’s Recommendations. For many global organisations the RDA is a vehicle to help incorporate solutions and practices for data sharing and reuse. 

RDA Secretariat

For more information, visit the dedicated pages or reach out to us via Email