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We are in the process of rolling out a soft launch of the RDA website, which includes a new member platform. Existing RDA members PLEASE REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT using this link: Visitors may encounter functionality issues with group pages, navigation, missing content, broken links, etc. As you explore the new site, please provide your feedback using the UserSnap tool on the bottom right corner of each page. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work through all issues as quickly as possible. Stay updated about upcoming features and functionalities:

Domain researchers are the main producers and consumers of scientific data. Their in-depth knowledge of a specific discipline is unconditionally linked to the ability and possibility to access, mine, store and manage research data. The availability of computing technology and IT procedures enabling handling of this data in a secure and privacy-compliant way is a condition sine-qua-non for a researcher to contribute to and drive forward innovation. 

From all scientific disciplines, that range from, but are certainly not limited to, cultural heritage to agriculture, from aerospace engineering to marine biology: each discipline has a specific approach to planning, acquisition, processing and storage of the data collected and generated. Making sure these are addressed within the scope of that specific discipline assures quality and enables access, reproducibility and re-use while stimulating new research.

The “RDA for disciplines” whiteboard is open to all RDA discipline specialists willing to give a personal account of what data-related challenges they are facing and how RDA is helping them.

Find out how to join and contribute! RDA is a collaboration platform offering you the opportunity to engage with other specialists from your field, develop and implement solutions to address data discipline related barriers as well as the cross-domain ones. 

RDA encourage our discipline specialist members to populate many discipline focused pages. They will explain what data-related challenges they are facing and how RDA is helping them, thanks also to the effort of those incredible networking laboratories that are RDA Working and Interest Groups. Get involved now and become part of the ever increasing RDA community.

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