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We are in the process of rolling out a soft launch of the RDA website, which includes a new member platform. Existing RDA members PLEASE REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT using this link: Visitors may encounter functionality issues with group pages, navigation, missing content, broken links, etc. As you explore the new site, please provide your feedback using the UserSnap tool on the bottom right corner of each page. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work through all issues as quickly as possible. Stay updated about upcoming features and functionalities:

RDA Web Platform: Upcoming features and functionalities

Watch this space for web platform progress!

With the recent soft launch of the new web platform, the RDA Secretariat and web developers, Wicket, are working hard to implement new features and functionalities as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate the help of our community members with reporting bugs and are doing our best to resolve issues as they arise. To be open and transparent about the progress made with our community, this page will be periodically updated with features, functionalities, and milestones.

Regional groups (pages and taxonomy)22 April 01 May ✔️
Community landing page live03 May 06 May ✔️
Membership application form: ‘Professional Job Title’ field10 May ✔️
Community landing page content & styling – custom blocks15 June
Home page content – custom blocks15 June
General Search Function from Homepage15 May
Individual Member Directory13 May 31 May
Organisational Member Directory15 May 31 May
‘Join Group’ button renamed to ‘Leave Group’ for members22 April ✔️
Group landing page displaying all chairs24 April 03 May ✔️
Group ‘Discussions’ tab renamed to ‘Activity Overview’26 April ✔️
Group area tabs changing orderTBC
Group creation form (finalised)30 April 07 May ✔️
Group member import (errors resolved) 30 April 07 May ✔️
Group Case Statement/Charter/Agreement functionalities (finalised) – formatting, tab name, comments feature30 April 07 May
Case Statement ‘Group Technology Focus’ – ‘Array’ bug18 May
Group landing page (finalised with editable description)30 April 06 May ✔️
Group past Plenaries import30 April ✔️
Group past Plenaries formatting 27 June
Groups in review (showing just those in review)10 May
Group image and banner set to default 13 May ✔️
Group directory – alphabetical listing TBC
Migration of ‘Repository’ and ‘Wiki’ content29 May
Recommendations and Outputs catalogue26 April 01 May ✔️
Recommendations and Outputs catalogue – formatting – output type, excerpt, preview07 May
Recommendations and Outputs catalogue – Filter updates16 May
Recommendations and Outputs catalogue – Adoption reports and stories filterTBC
Group Recommendations and Outputs single listing – formatting 30 April 07 May
‘View Group’s Recommendations’ on single listing page bug22 May ✔️
Group Recommendation and Output submission form TBC
Group Recommendations and Outputs ‘In Review’ listing30 April 07 May ✔️
Plenary submission forms 24 April ✔️
Past Plenaries31 May
Past webinars 31 May
News, articles and blogs import31 May
Newsletter import31 May