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Sustain, Empower, Innovate 

The RDA Strategic Plan 2024-2028 has been designed, developed and drafted by the Council, in close collaboration with the Secretariat, since November 2022.

The final version takes into consideration feedback received from the global RDA community as well as the RDA Governance bodies (Technical Advisory Board, Regional Advisory Board, and RDA Organisational and Affiliate members) during several consultation periods in 2023.

About the Strategic Plan

After a decade of growth and development, the RDA presents its fifth strategic plan, titled ‘Sustain, Empower, Innovate’ which provides direction and vision for the organisation until 2028. This plan, focused on strengthening and widening the organisation, is organised into four strategic themes:

  1. Globalise
  2. Sustain
  3. Empower
  4. Innovate

These themes emerged during a community consultation organised by the Secretariat during the RDA’s 20th Plenary Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, in March 2023. Community consultation was one of many activities organised during the RDA’s 10th anniversary celebratory year that aimed to recognise the RDA’s successes and lessons learned, and reflect on the past, present, and future of the organisation.

This strategic plan revisits the objectives and outcomes of the RDA’s previous strategic plan (2020-2023), and reiterates the organisation’s mission, vision and guiding principles. The section on ‘Strategic Direction’ provides an overview of the strategic themes, their key strategic areas, and priorities. To progress the RDA’s Strategy, a series of concrete activities for each strategic area will be planned, accompanied by timelines and KPIs for each activity to monitor and measure their progress and completion. Successful execution of the RDA’s strategic plan requires cooperation, collaboration and co-creation between the global community, and the RDA governance and organisational bodies.