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Any member or members of the RDA can propose a BoF session at the next plenary, with the aim to assess interest in the BoF’s topic. The expected outcome from the session would be a decision by the participants to either convert the idea to an IG or a WG, or to retire the idea.

Requesting and conducting a BoF

  1. The BoF chair creates a session request in response to the Call for Session Requests for the next plenary.
  2. Once the deadline for proposing breakout sessions at the plenary is past, TAB reviews the BoF according to the following criteria:
    • Alignment with the RDA mission and vision
    • No overlap with existing IGs / WGs
    • Not focused exclusively on one technology / product
    • One-off meeting at plenary
    • Time slot available for the BoF at the next plenary
  3. The RDA Secretariat will contact the BoF chair(s) and inform them of the outcome.
  4. If the BoF session has been approved, the BoF will be listed in the Plenary programme. It is recommended that the BoF chair(s) advertise the BoF and contact potential participants.
  5. The BoF session is then held at the next plenary.

At, or shortly after the BoF session at the plenary, the BoF participants should decide if they want the BoF to be a one-off event, or if they want to continue their discussions by converting the BoF into an Interest or Working Group, in which case the BoF participants need to develop a charter or case statement. In either case, it would be appreciated if the BoF chairs notify the Secretariat (enquiries[at] about the decision.

Joining a BoF

A list of BoFs for the upcoming Plenary can be found on that Plenary’s programme. Any member of the RDA can join any BoF session at a Plenary, provided the RDA member has registered for the Plenary.