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The Value of the Research Data Alliance to Libraries

Get involved!
are you a Librarian, Library staff or Information Management Professional and you would like further information about how to get involved in the RDA

Engagement with the RDA can enable libraries to redefine and expand their new roles and become an essential player in the area of research data management (RDM), data curation and preservation.
The RDA is a multi-disciplinary and cross-domain global initiative, offering an all-encompassing community of stakeholders. As the global community works towards the harmonisation of research data management, library professionals have skills and expertise which can contribute greatly to the development of best practices.

Libraries offer significant contributions to the RDA by:

Libraries offer access to knowledge and data of the past, present and the future to their physical and virtual visitors every day and preserving cultural and scientific heritage for the long term. In this digital age, the focus, position and tasks of libraries are rapidly changing and they need to deal more and more with a growing amount of data. Many libraries around the world are stepping into new roles and reviewing their value propositions. 

Library and information service professionals within RDA are one of the largest single stakeholder groups in the community.  There are many on-going activities in RDA of interest to libraries and their staff, and it is clear that libraries are taking the initiative in addressing the technical and social infrastructure needed to enable and sustain open research.

How can libraries engage?