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Consolidating the Global Research Data Alliance

The RDA Strategic Plan 2020-2023 was been designed, developed, and drafted by the Council. The RDA Governance bodies (Technical Advisory Board, Organisational and Affiliate members) as well as the Funders Forum provided feedback and comments.

The final version includes feedback received from the community during a public consultation period (November – December 2020).

About the Strategic Plan

The fourth RDA strategic plan, provides direction and vision for the organisation, its stakeholders and community until 2023. Section 4 forms the core of this strategic plan. It outlines the strategic goals and priorities for this phase, organised in three macro areas: People, Processes and Products

The strategic plan starts with an historic overview and revisits the goals and achievements of the previous strategic plan and outcomes. In section 2 the organisational identity, mission, vision and guiding principles are reiterated. Section 3 has a focus on the current internal and external developments that affect the organisation and need to be taken into account. 

The strategic plan is complemented by an internal implementation plan, containing concrete activities, a detailed planning timeline, and KPIs to monitor and measure the progress and success. This success depends on collaboration, cooperation, and co-creation between the global community, and the RDA governance and operational bodies.