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RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassador Spotlight: Geta Mitrea, Social Sciences

By Alexandra Delipalta

The RDA/EOSC Future team is launching a series of spotlights to showcase the grantees, their work and experience, and highlight the benefits of being an RDA Domain Ambassador. 

Find out more about the RDA/EOSC Future grants.

This week we spoke to Geta Mitrea, Domain Ambassador for Social Sciences.

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Can you describe your achievements during your time as RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassador? 

During my time as Domain Ambassador for Social Sciences, I have been very active in a number of events, conferences and outreach activities.

I participated in the ACUM conference, where I presented two papers that I co-authored: 

I organised and/or participated in a number of national and international (onsite and online) workshops on FAIR Movement on social sciences with students and specialists from the domain. During ACUM22, I also coordinated a panel on FAIR Movement. The panel addressed academia, researchers, PhD students, Bachelor’s students, Master of Arts students, professionals and stakeholders who share the principles of FAIR movement on Open Science from social sciences and related domains in their research. More information on the panel discussion as can be found here.

During summer 2022, I took part in the following international conferences that took place in Romania:

I was part of the expert group who worked on the final report on Empowering society by reusing privately-held data for official statistics — A European approach — 2022 editionThis publication is the final report of the High-Level Expert Group on facilitating the use of new data sources for official statistics. The Expert Group, which consisted of independent experts of various backgrounds, was set up by the Commission to advise and assist Eurostat regarding Business-to-Government data sharing for official statistics in the context of the data strategy of the Commission.

Finally, I managed to give national visibility and recognition to the RDA Domain Ambassador programme by publishing a national mass media release promoting the RDA Ambassadors in Romania.

What challenges did you face, if any? 

The biggest challenge was successfully incorporating all new information and knowledge acquired during this time into my day-to-day work and activities with my students, specialists and colleagues.

How has being an RDA Ambassador contributed to your professional development?

Being an RDA/EOSC Future Ambassador helped me increase my academic international visibility. I was able to participate in and organise a number of different conferences, as mentioned above.

Are there any lessons learnt that you could share with the community? 

The RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassador group is a dynamic group, from which I have learned many interesting things – and I keep learning!

What do you want to get out of the RDA 20th Plenary Meeting?

This Plenary will be my first, so I expect that there will be a lot to learn!