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EOSC Future grant: Enqwyre – data wrangling and transparent research data transformation


Enqwyre provides an intuitive “no code” method for schema-to-schema data transformations for interoperability, and restructuring messy digital data into user-defined metadata schemas. It supports research data collaboration, recovery of non-interoperable data into machine-readable formats, and ensuring source data provenance. A JSON-Schema-defined method permits validation of transformations and verifying outputs are the product of source data inputs. is a web-based “no code” service with a library of common schema-to-schema transformations, a standalone open-source application for self-hosting, and an open-source library for use in custom software.

People and Organisations

Gavin Chait leads product development on data-driven software services, and researching methodology for improving data curation, interoperability, analysis, release, and management.

He has created and built useful things, like, a quarterly-updated commercial location database, aggregating open data on vacancies, rental valuations, rates and ratepayers, into an integrated time-series database of individual business units, and, an ereader and collaborative publishing platform for creative fiction. 

He is fascinated by the frontiers of human progress: innovation vs ignorance; wealth vs poverty, migration vs stasis. He also drinks a great deal of coffee. 

Key Outputs

Sustainable Development Goals