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EOSC Future grant: Allyson Lister – Standards, repositories and policies


As the RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassador for standards, repositories and policies, Allyson focused on enriching the relationships among these resources through the development of a FAIRsharing Community Champion Programme. This programme drew upon the collective domain expertise within the RDA and EOSC to build a network of community curators who will “champion” their domain of interest, and who:

There is clear interest from the community in becoming community champions, and the programme begun under her ambassadorship has matured into an engaged network of members. As an RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassador, Allyson formalised this programme for the benefit of the RDA, EOSC and the wider community.

People and organisations

Dr. Allyson Lister completed a BA (1997) in Biology and Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations from Rice University, an MSc (1999) in Computational Biology from the University of York and a PhD (2012) in Computer Science from Newcastle University.

In 1999, she joined the European Bioinformatics Institute as a Software Engineer for UniProtKB, a protein sequence database. In 2006, she joined Newcastle University as a full-time Research Associate while completing her PhD in semantic data integration. Between 2012 and 2014, she also worked for the University of Manchester on various short-term ontology development projects.

Allyson moved to the Oxford e-Research Centre in 2015 where she is currently working on the FAIRsharing project.

Key outputs

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