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EOSC Future grant: Training delivery of foundational data science skills


The project developed a methodology for improving the planning, cost estimation and delivery of foundational data science skills training for Early Career Researchers and data steward instructors. The curriculum of these schools is a formal output of the RDA, and the data steward training was developed with the RDA. The delivery of these training events has been effective and can be scaled up to provide training that will be highly relevant also for the EOSC community. 

The project was motivated by the observation that the activities surrounding and supporting the core teaching and training activities must be operationalised and professionalised. The documentation needed to be developed, and training materials need to be integrated with EOSC Future materials with input from Data in Action Projects. In addition, software to manage relationships with stakeholders of the SRDS needs to be developed and deployed.

People and organisations

Hugh Shanahan

Hugh Shanahan is a Professor of Open Science at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds a PhD in Computational High Energy Physics from the University of Edinburgh. He has extensive additional experience in Computational Biology, Protein-DNA interactions and application development in different Cloud Computing environments. Hugh is also an active, long-time RDA contributor and one of the co-chairs of the RDA/CODATA Schools for Research Data Science (SRDS).

Patricia Herterich

Key outputs

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