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(maSMP) Ensuring the software accessibility and reusability in the short, medium and long term

Project Results

Metadata schemas for maSMPs in the form of an ontology: doi:10.5281/zenodo.8089518

To contact the project: select “Machine-actionable Software Management Plans” on the contact form and send a message.

Our project corresponds to an extension of the RDA machine-actionable Data Management Plan (maDMP) application profile and its corresponding DMP Common Standard ontology (DCSO) in order to cover the case of ELIXIR Software Management Plans (SMP). Similar to DMPs, SMPs help formalize a set of structures and goals that ensure the software is accessible and reusable in the short, medium and long term. Although targeting the life sciences community, most of the elements of the ELIXIR SMPs are domain agnostic and could be used by other communities as well. DMPs and SMPs can be presented as text-based documents, sometimes guided by a set of questions corresponding to key points related to the lifecycle of either data or software. The RDA DMP Common Standards working group defined a maDMP to overcome limitations of text-based documents. We propose a similar path for the ELIXIR SMPs so they turn into machine-actionable SMPs (maSMPs).

The project belongs to the group of open-call projects supported by EOSC Future

Project staff

Leyla Jael Castro is a Computer Scientist interested in semantic web, linked data, ontologies, semantic data science and education. She has worked on software development and data integration (mostly using Java and JavaScript plus some Python), semantic web (mostly on named entity recognition and its linked data applications) and project coordination (protein data integration across different teams, scientific events chairing and organization, and community-based projects). She has also worked as university lecturer on software development and information systems. Leyla is currently working as team leader for the Semantic Retrieval team, part of the Knowledge Management Group, at ZBMED Information Centre for life sciences.

Olga Giraldo is a Biologist with a master’s in Plant Biotechnology and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Her research experience is related to ontologies and using semantic technology to support knowledge discovery in biomedical documents. Olga is currently working at ZBMED Information Centre for life sciences in aspects related to the curation of research-related semantic descriptors for biomedical data and literature and as an ontologist.​

Project outputs

Key outputs

·   Metadata schema (archived in a Zenodo publication): Giraldo Olga; Geist Lukas; Quiñones Nelson; Solanki Dhwani; Rebholz-Schuhmann Dietrich; Castro Leyla Jael: machine-actionable Software Management Plan Ontology (maSMP Ontology). URL: (28.June.2023)

Conference abstract: Giraldo O, Alves R, Bampalikis D, Fernández JM, Martin Del Pico E, Posomopoulos F, et al. A metadata analysis for machine-actionable Software Management Plans. CEUR; 2023. Available: (22.June.2023)

Conference poster: Giraldo O, Alves R, Bampalikis D, Fernández González JM, Martin Del Pico E, Psomopoulos F, et al. A metadata analysis for machine-actionable Software Mng Plans – Poster. Poster presented at: SWAT4HCLS 2023; ZB MED – Informationszentrum Lebenswissenschaften; 2023. Available: (15.Feb.2023)

Zenodo publication: Giraldo O, Cardoso J, Martin del Pico E, Gaignard A, Geist L, Grossmann YV, et al. Workshop machine-actionable Software Management Plans. Zenodo; 2023 Jun. doi:10.5281/zenodo.8087357 (06.Apr.2023)

More information

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·   License: CC BY 4.0

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