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The project provided a concrete demonstration of the benefits of data and metadata interoperability through the incorporation of PIDs in a research infrastructure. This was achieved by designing the ability to incorporate DataCite DOIs into the RSpace digital research platform, which included an electronic lab notebook that is integrated with a sample management system. This enabled the creation of an interoperability guideline document for integrating PIDs in research infrastructures, based on the design for incorporation of DataCite DOIs and IGSNs into RSpace. The project complemented and informed the activities to be undertaken in the proposed Working with PIDs in Tools IG, of which Xiaoli Chen and Rory Macneil are co-chairs. In addition, the project made major contributions to the work of the RDA GORC International Model WG (especially task group 4: Interoperability and Standards). 

The RDA grant also supported the open-sourcing of the key RSpace components (together with other EOSC Future support structures, such as EOSC DIH).

People and organisations

Rory Macneil is CEO of Research Space and host of the FAIR Data Podcast. Research Space provides the RSpace digital research platform, comprised of an integrated electronic lab notebook and sample management system distinguished by the capacity to connect with oa wide range of other research platforms and tools. Research Space is currently involved in an EOSC DIH pilot involving integrating RSpace with Argos and Zenodo, and inclusion of RSpace into OpenAire Nexus. The FAIR Data Podcast is a forum for conversations with people in a wide range of roles who are actively promoting and developing FAIR. Rory is active in the RDA, and co-chair of two interest groups, Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions, and the newly formed Working with PIDS in Tools, and one working group.  RDA-Ofr Mapping the Landscape of Digital Research Tools.

Xiaoli Chen is the Implementing FAIR Workflows project lead and is responsible for the outreach effort in the APAC region while co-chairing the DataCite APAC Experts Group. She holds an MLIS from Syracuse University and is working towards her Ph.D. in the same field from the University of Sheffield. Before joining DataCite Xiaoli worked at CERN in parallel with her Ph.D. research on Open Science research practices among high-energy physicists, and contributed to the development of the various research data services there. 

Key outputs

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