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Infrastructures to Manage the Pervasive Growth of 2D/3D Imagery in Earth and Environmental Sciences

13 FEB 2024

Collaborative session notes

Group(s) submitting the application: 

ESIP/RDA Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences IG

Meeting objectives: 

The goal of the Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences Interest Group (ESES-IG) is to work towards coordinating and harmonising multiple international efforts in building data research infrastructures and semantic frameworks.  Through open communication, the ESES-IG seeks to reduce possible duplication, increase efficiency, share use cases, and promote partnerships and adoption across the global Earth and environmental sciences community. 

The objectives of the session include:

Meeting agenda: 

Target Audience: 

Our target audience includes participants and their organisations associated with ESES research projects and efforts, as well as users of ESES datasets in other domains anywhere in the world. We particularly welcome participants from Africa, Asia, South America and any other members of the Global South.

Group chair serving as contact person: 

Lesley Wyborn

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Earth, space, and environmental science communities are developing, through multiple international efforts, both general and domain-specific leading practices for data management, infrastructure development, vocabularies, and common data/digital services. This Interest Group will work towards coordinating and harmonising: 

  1. Efforts within the ESES globally to reduce possible duplication, increase efficiency, share use cases, and promote partnerships and adoption in the global community; and
  2. Cross domain initiatives to accelerate the uptake of ESES data in other disciplines to accelerate real time machine to machine transdisciplinary data analysis and research. 

Short Group Status: 

The ESES-IG began as a BoF at Plenary 10 in Montreal in 2017 focussed around exploring international connections for the US NSF funded EarthCube Project. At that meeting, it was recognised that there were many similar initiatives and projects in other continents and that these could be brought together under the umbrella of an RDA IG. The IG was formally endorsed by RDA in July 2018 and has been active at most plenaries since Montreal. Here are the links to previous plenaries: 

Type of Meeting: 

Informative meeting

Additional links to informative material: 

  1. Group page:
  1. Case statement:
  1. Other Links:

Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 

Complex Citations Working Group

Avoid conflict with the following group (2): 

Physical Samples and Collections in the Research Data Ecosystem IG

Meeting presenters: 

Invited speakers and co-chairs

Are you willing to host a second, repeat, session at a different time zone?: