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Stefanie Kethers
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Paul Uhlir
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Physical samples are a basic element for reference, study, and experimentation in research.  Tests and analysis are conducted directly on samples, such as biological specimens, rock or mineral specimens, soil or sediment cores, plants and seeds, water quality samples, archaeological artefacts, or DNA and human tissue samples because they represent a wider population or a larger context. Other physical objects, such as maps or analogue images are also direct objects of study, and, if digitized, may become a source of digital data. There is an urgent need for better integrating these physical objects into the digital research data ecosystem, both in a global and in an interdisciplinary context to support search, retrieval, analysis, reuse, preservation and scientific reproducibility. This group aims to facilitate cross-domain exchange and convergence on key issues related to the digital representation of physical samples and collections, including but not limited to use of globally unique and persistent identifiers for samples to support unambiguous citation and linking of information in distributed data systems and with publications, metadata standards for documenting samples and collections and for landing pages, access policies, and best practices for sample and collection catalog, including a broad range of issues from interoperability to persistence.

Recent Activity

22 Mar 2018

RDA P11Breakout session "Physical Samples & Collections"

March 22, 2018, 11:00 - 12:30, room A04

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Agenda for breakout:

  1. Scope of IG & Priorities
  2. Report from RDA collocated event (March 20, 2018) “Where to next with persistent identifiers for physical samples?”
  3. Discussion of WGs
    • Scope
    • Approach
    • Roadmap
  4. Planning for RDA P12 & beyond

17 Nov 2017

venue in Berlin for RDA to work on samples description

Dear board members,
With my colleague, Cécile Pignol, we are
working in French laboratories on data bancarisation processes, in
particular at the level of samples. As data curators in
interdisciplinary laboratories collecting many field samples for
environnemental studies, we have been trying since 2 to 3 years to set
new methods for handling them in order to join the FAIR movement in
We would be pleased to meet you at Berlin, between the the
21st to the 23rd March 2018,

22 Sep 2017

Reference links from my presentation on DCAT to the Versioning group this morning

Here's the content of my slide from the meeting this morning in Montreal, which is just a set of links to the things that I showed you:
W3C Data eXchange Working Group
Also see RDA Data Citation work

21 Sep 2017

Presentation on standards for samples/sampling

Apologies for difficulties in getting the second part of my presentation displayed at the session this morning.
Here are the slides I intended to present:
Simon J D Cox
Research Scientist
Land and Water
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