ESIP/RDA ESES IG: Globally Networking within ESES data infrastructures, as well as beyond to those of other domains

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27 Jun 2019
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 
  1. Provide the current status of the Earth, space and environmental science (ESES) IG.  Invite new attendees to join.

  2. Provide/update the ESIP/RDA catalogue of ESES groups working on networking:

    1. ESES data infrastructures; and 

    2. ESES data infrastructures with those of other domains. 

  3. Explore key issues related to transdisciplinary data integration:

    1. How do we determine which ESES datasets are wanted by other domains?; What are the main barriers to integrating ESES data with other domains. 

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


  1. 0-10 Mins (10 minutes): Introduction and tour de table.

  2. 10-15 Mins (5 minutes); Review the current status of the ESES IG (5 minutes), including the catalogue which contains both groups working within ESES, and those that include ESES as part of cross domain initiatives. Invite new additions. 

  3. 15-45  Minutes (30 minutes): Provide 5-minute project updates on:
             a. Envri FAIR & EPOS (Helen Glaves) - 10mins
             b. PARSEC  & Update on the FAIR project, software (Shelley Stall)  -10mins 
      New EarthCube office (Rebecca Koskela) - 5 min
             d.    Exascale/2030 projects including ChEESE  (Lesley Wyborn) - 5min

  4. 45-75 minutes (30 minutes): Two concurrent breakout sessions ased around global convergent activities and discussing:

    1. What are the most important ESES datasets/data components that other domains would like to interoperate with; and

    2. What are the technical challenges of interoperating data with these other domains.

  5. 75-85 Minutes (10 minutes): Report back

  6. 85-90 Minutes (5 minutes): Wrap up and next steps.


Target Audience: 

Our target audience includes participants and their organizations associated with ESES research projects and efforts, as well as users of ESES datasets in other domains.  

We would like you to help us scope: 

  1. What are the most important ESES datasets to other domains; and

  2. What are the technical challenges of interoperating with these other domains.

We will welcome participation from other RDA WGs/IGs. So far the Geospatial Interest Group has incidated it will participated and we anticipate that more will.

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Earth, space, and environmental science communities are developing, through multiple international efforts, both general and domain-specific leading practices for data management, infrastructure development, vocabularies, and common data/digital services. This Interest Group will work towards coordinating and harmonizing: 

  1. Efforts within the ESES to reduce possible duplication, increase efficiency, share use cases, and promote partnerships and adoption in the community; and

  2. Cross domain initiatives to accelerate the uptake of ESES data in other domains. 

Short Group Status: 

Please indicate when your group has been established and provide some more information about its status: if it has just started, it is producing deliverables or it is in its last phase and therefore wrapping up. Any other information about the activities that your group is undertaking at the moment of the submission will be taken into consideration during the evaluation.

The group began as a BoF at Plenary 10 in Montreal in 2017 focussed around the US NSF funded EarthCube Project. At that meeting, it was recognised that there were many similar initiatives and projects in other continents and that these could be brought together under the umbrella of an RDA IG. The IG was formally endorsed by RDA in July 2018 and has been active at each plenary since Montreal. Here are the links to previous plenaries: 

13th RDA Plenary Philadelphia IG Meeting (April 2018): Consolidating Global Connections and Collaborations 

12th RDA Plenary Gaborone IG Meeting (November 2018):  Developing Global Connections and Collaborations,

11th RDA Plenary Berlin IG Meeting (March 2018): Inaugural Meeting,

10th RD-A Plenary Montreal BoF (September 2017): EarthCube International Partnerships,

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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