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Embeddings of I-ADOPT in existing standards

13 FEB 2024

Group(s) submitting the application: 

InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)

Meeting objectives: 

1-  Provide application examples of the I-ADOPT framework in different scientific areas

2 – Present ongoing efforts to embed I-ADOPT in existing standards to demonstrate its capability to promote interoperability  

3 – Explore and discuss requirements and dependencies related to the broader adoption of I-ADOPT as an interoperability broker; in particular requirement for FAIR mapping management, relationship with key element of the data management life cycle like e.g. PID for instruments and Data Management Plans; connections with higher level ontologies.

Meeting agenda: 

All presenters are encouraged to reserve 2 minutes for Q&A following their presentation.

1) Barbara Magagna & Gwen Moincoffe (12 min): I-ADOPT for eLTER Standards Observations:  FAIR variables and methods descriptions 

2) Sylvain Grellet (12 min): Embedding of I-ADOPT in OGC standards 

3) Maria Stoica & Hanna Koivula (12 min): I-ADOPT mapped to standards (EML, SSNO, GBIF) 

4) Sharif Islam & Barbara Magagna (12 min): I-ADOPT embedded in occurence cubes 

5) Markus Stocker (12 min): I-ADOPT & ORKG: Making papers reusable  

6) Guided discussion (30 min) about implementations and mappings together with members from the upcoming FAIR Mappings WG (Alexandra Kokkinaki/Yann Le Franc) and the PIDINST WG (Markus Stocker) with the following questions to be addressed:

Which role can I-ADOPT have in the upcoming FAIR Mappings WG harmonising efforts to increase interoperability across schemas? How to use I-ADOPT in the PIDINST schema? 

Target Audience: 

Data managers, data scientists, informaticians, terminology developers, or anyone seeking to increase the interoperability of their terminologies or their data. Our focus has been environmental sciences but we are interested in cross-domain applications and collaborations.

Group chair serving as contact person: 

Barbara Magagna

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The I-ADOPT Working Group was set up to address the lack of a common framework to enable interoperability between diverse terminologies used to represent observable properties and to provide the necessary level of detail needed for seamless data discovery and integration. The Working Group is in maintenance mode curating and refining the I-ADOPT Framework and the endorsed Recommendations published in 2022. The framework is a set of guidelines based on a simple non-domain specific ontology that supports decomposing complex observable properties into their essential atomic parts defined as concepts in FAIR terminologies. The next step is to discuss the use of I-ADOPT in the context of different related standards to enrich their semantic expressivity and improve their interoperabiltiy. 

Short Group Status: 

The group was officially launched in 2019 and completed its 18-month workplan in 2021. Its final recommendations were published in May 2022. It remains active and is now in maintenance mode. The group continues to meet every month to discuss implementation scenarios, extensions to the framework and connections with other related initiatives. 

Type of Meeting: 

Working meeting

Additional links to informative material: 

Recommendation package DOI: 10.15497/RDA00071 (contains all essential links to the latest up-to-date material)

Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 

Digital Twins IG

Avoid conflict with the following group (2): 

Agrisemantics WG

Meeting presenters: 

Barbara Magagna, Gwenaelle Moncoiffe, Maria Stoica, Hanna Koivula, Sylvain Grellet, Sharif Islam, Markus Stocker

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