Agrisemantics WG


Group details

Sophie Aubin, Caterina Caracciolo, Pangiotis Zervas
Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Steve Diggs

The goal of the Agrisemantics WG is to gather community-based requirements and use cases for an infrastructure that supports appropriate use of semantics for data interoperability, with special focus on agriculture.


The outputs of the WG will be: 1) A report on semantics landscape for agricultural data, 2) A set of use cases and requirements, 3) A document on recommendations for the future of semantics for agricultural data - software, functionalities, semantic assets to enhance data interoperability in agriculture. 


Some current and upcoming community events:

  1. IGAD RDA Pre-meeting: 10' presentation of WG first results
  2. RDA P9 - Joint Session of IG Agricultural Data, WG Wheat Data Interoperability, WG Rice Data Interoperability, WG Agrisemantics: Results of the IGAD Pre-Meeting RDA P9 adopting RDA outputs
  3. RDA P9 - WG Agrisemantics: Landscaping the support of semantics for data interoperability in agriculture 

See you there!


Recent Activity

29 Mar 2017

Tr : [Rda_p9_sessions] Re: RDA P9 session - 'How to give credit to scientists for their involvement in making data & samples available for sharing'

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Objet : [Rda_p9_sessions] ***SPAM*** Re: RDA P9 session - 'How to give credit to scientists for their involvement in making data & samples available for sharing'
Dear P9 session organiser,
Would you be so kind as to disseminate the following information in your own group/community. Many thanks by advance for your help!

22 Mar 2017

news from the group

Dear all,
Following our last meeting on March, 10th:
- The outline of section 2 of the deliverable (Uses of semantics for agricultural data) was remastered. You can still propose minor changes but please don't make complete reorganization of the section. See
- The reorganization of section 4 (Existing semantic structures in the agricultural domain) will be discussed next week (Valeria/Caterina)

14 Mar 2017

last call + meetings in Barcelona

Dear all,
The minutes of last Friday call are available here: as usual. Thanks to the participants!
In Barcelona, we are going to have sessions in both IGAD pre-meeting and RDA plenary, see details in the WG event doc . The will also be the co-located EUDAT Semantic Working Group Workshop that unluckily overlaps with IGAD.
For better coordination, we kindly ask you to indicate in the doc if you intend to attend the different sessions.

10 Mar 2017

RDA/IGAD Pre-Meeting April 3th to 4th - Last news

Some new information on the RDA Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Pre-Meeting  that will be held on April 3th to 4th, before the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting at the Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Barcelona. We are pleased to share the meeting agenda and information on the venue with you.

The agenda is available at:

Please note that lunch and coffee of both days are covered.

10 Mar 2017

Re: [SPAM] [rda-agrisemantics-wg] group call #8

Dear Sophie and agrisemantic colleagues,
I will not be able to attend tomorrow's call. Too early to me.
I am working by my own on surveying and mapping the knowledge related to agricultural KOS and terminologies in order to provide argumentation support for the AgroTermos (the Embrapa´s controlled vocabulary) implementation project.
I produced the attached material and share with you hoping that it might be useful as a supplement to the Semantics Landscape for Agricultural Data document. If you see any usefulness, I stay available for clarification or refinement.

06 Mar 2017

Landscape Deliverable current version and Reminder about Next Group Call

Dear All,
During the previous weeks, we (the WG Chairs) were working on polishing the
ToC and the content of our first deliverable, namely the "Semantics
Landscape for Agricultural Data". You can find the current version here:
Now, we think it's time to receive also your input on the current version.

01 Mar 2017

CFP: IN-OVIVE 2017 hosted by EFITA 2017 July 2nd-6th, Montpellier, France

Call for Papers
IN-OVIVE 2017 – the International Workshop on sources and data integration in agriculture, food and environment using ontologies
July 2 nd -6 th , Montpellier, France
The 5th Edition of the workshop IN-OVIVE is hosted this year by EFITA 2017, the European conference dedicated to the future use of ICT in the agri-food sector, bioresource and biomass sector ( ) .