InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)


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InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)

The I-ADOPT WG will focus on creating a community-agreed framework for representing observable properties by bringing together groups that have been working on developing terminologies to accurately encode what was measured, observed, derived, or computed. The consensus building will be informed by reviewing current practices and by a set of use cases, which will be used to define the requirements and to test and refine the common framework iteratively. Much like a generic blueprint, this framework will be a basis upon which terminology developers can formulate local, but globally aligned, design patterns. With these, they may leverage their local “materials” in a multi-pronged attempt to represent complex properties observed across the environmental sciences (from marine to terrestrial ecosystems, as well as biodiversity, atmospheric, and Earth sciences). The WG will then seek to synthesize these approaches into global best practice recommendations. Furthermore, it will help mediate between generic observation standards (SSNO, SensorML, ..) and current community-led resources, fostering harmonized implementations. Through this effort, FAIRer observable property terminologies will be created, the global effectiveness of tools operating upon them will be improved and their impact increased. The WG will thus strengthen existing collaborations and build new connections between terminology developers and providers, disciplinary experts, and representatives of scientific data user groups.

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Recent Activity

14 Oct 2019

I-ADOPT telco

Dear all,
we will meet tomorrow at 9:00 CEST (Vienna time) to discuss about:
* the use case collection
* the case statement review
* the agenda of the Kick-Off at RDA Plenary
I have still to prepare some information for the skype conference, which I will put in this document:
I hope you will find time to join.

26 Sep 2019

Review of case statement

Dear all,
I need your active contribution for a couple of issues. Please do this before end of the week:
We have got feedback of the TAB, which seems very interested to approve our case statement, but which indicates that a revision is required.
Here you can see a TAB review related documents:

20 Sep 2019

giving a talk at GO Inter

Hi Barbara and all,
First of all, I am sorry for my absence in the recent telcos, I was busy
submitting a proposal.
I am attending a FAIR meeting at Go Inter [1] on 1st and 2nd October. The
organizer had the suggestion that I give a short talk about I-ADOPT. What
do you think? and if you see this as a good outreach opportunity, do we
have some material (PowerPoint) that I can reuse?

18 Sep 2019

Use Case template

Helo Barbara and all,
As discussed in yesterday’s meeting, here is the draft template to gather details on potential use cases:
I have included an example of nitrogen-based parameter (or variable) from PANGAEA.
Please feel free to make changes to the proposed template. Once we agree with the format, we can ask the data providers in our working group to fill in the template.

18 Sep 2019

WG: [i-adopt] FAIRsFAIR Open Consultation

Dear all,
I would like to encourage you to contribute to this survey, at least at the Semantic and Interoperability questionnaire:
If other groups already do this gathering of highly relevant information, we could skip this task in our workplan or just focus on very specific questions left. But this should be decided only after reviewing other’s survey results.

17 Sep 2019

Observable properties and drones - Pre P14 hackathon

Hi all

In the name of cross-RDA collaboration I'm hoping you'll find this event interesting and appealing enough to join us, but even if not, your students might be interested and/or see this as a way to partialy fund attending P14

The drone data IG is hosting a pre-event hackathon working on the LANDRS (Linked And Networked DRoneS) project where amoungst other things we're working on creating an ontology and building an OpenAPI sepecification for creating a Restful API for building linked data native drone data applications.

16 Sep 2019

I-ADOPT teleconference

Dear all,
we will meet tomorrow again.
Please check the presentations of Maria Stoica about SVO and Alison Pamment about CF controlled vocabularies from the last meeting, here in this folder:
Unfortunately I was not able to record the meeting, as my agency's policy has changed and I can't anymore record telcos.