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Joint session Research Data Management in Engineering IG (RDMinEng) and IG small Unmanned Aircraft data (sUAS data IG)

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    Collaborative Notes Link:
    Please check the virtual Plenary programme for remote access details

    Short introduction of the two IGs, their aims and their previous work (6 minutes each IG)
    Presentation on the automated annotation of drone data (Jane Wyngaard, 10 minutes)
    Presentation on the manual annotation of engineering data (Shaun de Witt, 10 minutes)
    Presentation on the Establishing Australia’s Scalable Drone Cloud (ASDC) (TBA, 10 minutes)
    Small group discussions or a bigger collaborative work (depending on the audience) on the presentations or on other exciting topics which will be chaired by the presenters and the co-chairs of the IGs. (30 minutes)
    Pitches from each small group to present their ideas/ results to the audience (1 minutes each)
    Group discussion on the next steps. Where should we collaborate? What are interesting topics for collaboration? And how can more engineers be involved to the IGs? (10 minutes)

    1. First group option
    Research Data Management in Engineering IG

    Additional links to informative material
    Drone data tooling project LANDRS:
    sUAS data IG:
    RDMinEng IG:
    Meeting notes from P14:
    Hausen, Daniela, Martinez-Lavanchy, Paula, Vasiljevic, Nikola, Hermann, Sibylle, Cornwell, Peter, & de Witt, Shaun. (2019, October). Kick-off IG RDM in Engineering. Zenodo.

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The sUAS data IG is focused on improving the FAIRness of data captured using sUAS in research via best practices, automation, and community education, and on lowering the barrier to use of sUAS for researchers.
    The RDMinEng IG had already three working meetings (P12 to P14) with researchers, representatives from industry, funders and library as well as research data providers. The meetings were well attended with 24 to more than 40 persons which demonstrates the deep interest in the topic. In the last meeting at P 14 four focus groups were coming up on the topics Engineering and Open Science, Engineering-specific DMP, Engineering Data Annotation and Engineering Metadata. All the groups are right in the beginning and everyone is welcome to join the focus groups. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact one of the co-chairs.

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    I declare that I have informed the chairs of all the Working / Interest groups included in this joint meeting application.

    Meeting objectives
    Engineering science is a big subject with a lot of subdisciplines. Drone engineering can be seen as one part of the engineering science, but it is also multi-faceted to other disciplines. One, but not the only point both groups have in common is working with tools. Good examples are the data annotation tools. Specifically, members of sUAS data IG are working on tools for the automated semantic annotation of drone data. The RDMinEng IG is working on an annotation tool for engineering which were presented in a 10 minutes talk at P14. A small focus group developed in a next step a lab notebook annotation pilot in the context of European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Like the EOSC in Europe, Australia is also pushing research platforms. The Australian investment is going to platforms for different disciplines. One example is the Establishing Australia’s Scalable Drone Cloud (ASDC).

    Privacy Policy

    Target Audience
    This Joint meeting is open to all participants and encourages in particular practitioners, researchers and other experts as well as community representatives in engineering disciplines. Particularly, but not exclusively, the IG welcomes members from the following backgrounds:

    Engineers interested in improving the management and publication of their research data
    Industrial representatives from major and minor companies representing engineering science and the industry sector
    Practitioners of software engineering for the industry sector
    HPC and distributed computing experts
    Data professionals working with research engineers


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