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Update: In the immediate much of our disucssions are happening on this Slack channel, to join see this link

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) are rapidly becoming important tools for data capture across many Scientific domains, as well as within commercial industry.  sUAS have the potential to transform how data are captured in many arenas by, offering higher temporal and spatial resolutions, with less impact on the environments being monitored, and access to new locations and parameters.  In many cases these advantages are further accompanied by lowered costs and increased human safety during data capture.   


As a new technology, however, there are currently no industry-wide accepted best practices for sUAS sensor and flight data handling and management.  There are many reasons for why such would be beneficial but 3 of particular note include:

  1. The creation of standards would lower the barrier to entry and  innovation in terms of what might be monitored with sUAS, by reducing the number of unknowns a new user faces and providing working examples to serve as guides.
  2. With no common goal standards to build to, the development of mature tools for sUAS captured data processing and fusion (with sUAS and other data sources) is currently hampered.  As a consequence, each use case generally develops a unique custom pipeline that only sees one-time use.  
  3. sUAS captured data is - for the most part - not being managed according to data stewardship best practices, such as would ensure the data is FAIR, as articulated by Force11 (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable).   

This interest group therefore seeks to explore and publish (via the RDA community based model), some best practices as regards the handling of sUAS captured sensor and flight data.  By publishing such, after a broad, cross-community engagement process, it is hoped and expected that such will see adoption by both those already using sUAS for scientific work those just beginning to explore their possibilities.  They will therefore address the 3 concerns laid out above, with the associated positive consequences for the scientific community. These outcomes also align directly with the RDA’s Vision and Mission focus, namely, promoting the open sharing of data.

Recent Activity

15 Nov 2019

Invitation: RDA drone WG @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 09:00 - 10:00 (EST) (

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14 Nov 2019

WG charter building initial meeting

Hi all
Some of us are going to have a quick initial call on Monday to talk about
refining the WG charter topics. This is just an initial meet with some
of us who've expressed interest already. If anyone else is interested and
available please do join us, and/or just reach out to say you want to be
looped in more directly cause we'll at a minimum be working out times for
more regular ongoing calls that are time zone friendly for whoever raises
their hand :)
Again, the intended WG foci are:

13 Nov 2019

Re: [EXTERNAL] [dronedata] RDA Best practices working group and more

As always Jane, thank you for everything you are doing.
This is wonderful work and I hope we can all help you move this forward.
303-236-2906 (desk)
303-519-9384 (cell)
Joe Adams
US Geological Survey (USGS)
National Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Project Office
On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 11:20 PM jwyngaard via Small Unmanned Aircraft

13 Nov 2019

RDA Best practices working group and more

Hi all
At last, the follow up from P14! This email contains:
*1. Draft WG charter and plans*: Input and chairs wanted, draft open until *13
*2. Fellows*: Support them, comment on their projects, contribute via
issues and PRs
*3. P15 and IG*: Looking for input and support in planning both the
plenary session and co-located events.
Read on for details:
*1. WG charter and post P14*
First off, again many thanks to everyone who gave input during the

23 Oct 2019

P14 Session: Remote access and Agenda

Hi all
A reminder that our session is in *Breakout 3* *16:30 Today*
Venue:* Undergraduate Center - M140*
*Remote*: *
And that as advertised this will be a *very interactive session* as we
discuss a working group case statement (after an intro and some community
The intro slides are attached
*Full abstract and remote details are here:*

14 Oct 2019

Re: LANDRS Hackathon 2 pre meeting and last logistics

Hi all
Thanks for all the responses. In the end 8-9 EST/12-13 UTC on Wednesday
was the most popular. If you responded to the doodle you'll have
received an email invitation.
If not, for those interested the telco link is (I won't spam this thread
Or the calendar invite is here:

11 Oct 2019

Fwd: LANDRS Hackathon 2 pre meeting and last logistics

Hi all
We hack in just over a week in Helsinki!
- *Quick meeting: *We'd like to just check in briefly some time next
week to get to know who everyone is
- *When: *There's a *doodle here
* if you can just pick which
times would work best for you and on Monday I'll send out a calendar invite.
- *Purpose*: Discuss topics and hack logistics
(If you didn't sign up and you're getting this email apologies, for some
other reason I think you might want to know about the meeting but