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Jane Wyngaard, Lindsay (Bar) Barbieri
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Lynn Yarmey
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Tobias Weigel
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Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) are rapidly becoming important tools for data capture across many Scientific domains, as well as within commercial industry.  sUAS have the potential to transform how data are captured in many arenas by, offering higher temporal and spatial resolutions, with less impact on the environments being monitored, and access to new locations and parameters.  In many cases these advantages are further accompanied by lowered costs and increased human safety during data capture.   


As a new technology, however, there are currently no industry-wide accepted best practices for sUAS sensor and flight data handling and management.  There are many reasons for why such would be beneficial but 3 of particular note include:

  1. The creation of standards would lower the barrier to entry and  innovation in terms of what might be monitored with sUAS, by reducing the number of unknowns a new user faces and providing working examples to serve as guides.
  2. With no common goal standards to build to, the development of mature tools for sUAS captured data processing and fusion (with sUAS and other data sources) is currently hampered.  As a consequence, each use case generally develops a unique custom pipeline that only sees one-time use.  
  3. sUAS captured data is - for the most part - not being managed according to data stewardship best practices, such as would ensure the data is FAIR, as articulated by Force11 (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable).   

This interest group therefore seeks to explore and publish (via the RDA community based model), some best practices as regards the handling of sUAS captured sensor and flight data.  By publishing such, after a broad, cross-community engagement process, it is hoped and expected that such will see adoption by both those already using sUAS for scientific work those just beginning to explore their possibilities.  They will therefore address the 3 concerns laid out above, with the associated positive consequences for the scientific community. These outcomes also align directly with the RDA’s Vision and Mission focus, namely, promoting the open sharing of data.

Recent Activity

16 Jun 2017

Fwd: Call for participation: drone data workshop!

Hi all,
See below for an upcoming effort to co-ordinate science drone data efforts
between different contributing organisations. It's in N. America but the
morning speakers sessions will be streamed. If you'd like to be notified
of the streaming link closer in please signup as a remote participant.
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Data Science Technologist
Centre for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame
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08 May 2017

July Workshop-Hackathon to promote efforts on sUAS data management - N America

Hi all,
See the attached flyer and pass on to whomever you think would be
In brief:
- University of Indiana Bloomington
- Monday 24 July, 9-5 (or until hackers decide they're finished)
- Free, coffee and snacks supplied (signup here
- To talk and build amongst the communities working on developing
standards for open science sUAS data (see flyer for presentation hack topic
and projects)
Co-located with the the ESIP summer meeting

03 May 2017

OGC Telecon tomorrow

Hi all
Jut a reminder with corrected time zones about tomorrow's telecon:
Thursday 4 May
3pm EDT
12pm PDT
9pm CEST
*Telecon Login: *
Go To Meeting:
You can also dial in using your phone: +1 (224) 501-3212 <(224)%20501-3212>
Access Code: 256-375-653
- Scott Simmons: Update from OGC's UXS Working Group
- Planning for Drone Data Workshop at ESIP Summer Meeting (Outline

16 Mar 2017

OGC sUAS WG request for comment

Hi all,

Just to let you know OGC has put out a draft working group charter related to sUAS data.  They're requesting public comment by 11 April.  We're already talking with them around sychronisation of efforts but obviously the more community input the better so please do add your comments directly.

09 Mar 2017

Fwd: [CODATA-international] Job Opportunity: Expert in UAV remote sensing technology and applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences

This might be of interest to this group's audience.
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Colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have asked me to publicise
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