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Data Management Challenges and Solutions for Research Institutions in Africa and Latin America

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    Keith Russell

    Introduction to RDARI, its previous sessions and context for this session (James Wilson) (5 min)
    Introduction of the speakers and context for the session (Anwar Vahed, Director Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa) (5min) 

    Tshiamo Motshegwa, Director of the African Open Science Platform. (10 min)

    Mattia Vaccari, institutional eResearch director at UCT (10 min)

    Lautaro Matas, CEO La Referencia – (10 min)

    Representative from Latin American Institution (10 min)

    Discussion (35 min) facilitated by Anwar Vahed

    Wrap up and next steps with the Interest Group (James Wilson) (5 min)

    Additional links to informative material
    Group page:
    Group wiki:

    Applicable Pathways
    Data Infrastructures – Organisational to Environments

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    FAIR Data Maturity Model WG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions Interest Group is primarily concerned with technical architectures for managing research data within universities and other multi-disciplinary research institutions. It provides insight into the approaches being taken to the development and operation of such architectures and their success or otherwise in enabling good practice.
    The main themes of the IG are

    Exploring how diverse tools, technologies, and services can be integrated to meet the evolving needs of researchers in research institutions.

    Considering interoperability between institutional research data infrastructures and (inter)national or discipline-based infrastructures

    Understanding the different institutional approaches to governance structures and business processes in responding to research ICT demands (e.g. capacity planning/forecasting for storage)

    Sharing case studies of solutions developed by data infrastructure projects in research institutions

    Presenting technical innovations and ideas that can further the development of integrated research data infrastructures

    Agreeing best practice relating to research data architectures in research institutions

    More information at

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Keith Russell

    I Understand a Chair Must be Present at the Event to Hold the Breakout Session

    Meeting objectives
    As an Interest Group concerned with architectures of institutional data management services, we have in the past tended to focus on learning from institutions from western countries. The broad theme for the next session will be the challenges facing institutions Africa and South America, and how these might be overcome. In the session emerging innovations will be shared that address the challenges of research data management in low and middle-income countries. As there are increasing demands on increasing the interoperability and exchange of data to enable research collaboration, what architectures are being designed to enable this interoperability and exchange. Which examples are there of regional and institutional projects in these regions addressing this and how do these intersect? How can regional and international exchange assist in addressing these challenges?

    Please indicate at least (3) three breakout slots that would suit your meeting.
    Breakout 2, Breakout 5, Breakout 8

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