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Research data are managed in variety of ICT systems or services and with variety of different technology or system architectures. For example research data repositories, metadata repositories, data brokers, semantic interoperability tools, long term preservation architectures, discoverability tools, data intensive research  or data science platforms, computing environments, project management environments or communication platforms are also IT systems which needs technical interoperability to work efficiently and properly.

Within research data community, there is number of different projects for research data infrastructures. Some of them are disciplinary projects, some owned by some domain and some are international cooperation projects etc. Some projects have smaller  technology challenges and some have bigger ones. One challenge of number of projects is seamless data interoperability between different systems, because this is inevitable part of smooth and efficient user experience. User experience is key factor of the success of any research data service.

Research institutions like universities are important part of the research data workflows because usually these organisations are near researchers and their needs and these organisations have support services etc.

General level idea of this IG is collaborate and discuss about systems, technologies and data flows as a part of the solution architectures of the research data infrastructures of research institutions.

With the one word, this is about nuts and bolts of the research data infrastructures used in the local research infrastructures.


User scenario(s) or use case(s) the IG wishes to address

Group have three main user scenarios:

  • Knowledge support for research data infrastructure projects and services

  • Shared knowledge about enterprise architecture best practises of the research data tools and infrastructures in the research institutions and their projects

  • Shared understanding about objectives and goals between stakeholders (like institutions, infrastructure developers, research data engineers, development projects, service and technology vendors etc.) of the research data architectures is prerequisite of any research data infrastructure project success



Main themes of the IG are

  • tools like systems, technologies and architectures used as a part of the services and solutions in research institutions

  • interoperability between institutional research data infrastructures and international or discipline based infrastructures

  • different institutional approaches to governance structures and business processes to respond to ICT demands for research (e.g. capacity planning/forecasting for storage)

  • case studies of solutions in the research data infrastructure projects in research institutions like universities

  • presentations of technical innovations and ideas in the area of research data infrastructures

  • best practises of the research data architectures in research institutions

This group have connections with some other RDA groups like:

  • National Data Services IG (usually research institutions support, use or deliver services and solutions of this national data service vendors or operators)

  • Repository Platforms for Research Data IG and Research Data Repository Interoperability WG (repositories are essential part of the research data infrastructures, but not only ones)

  • Data Fabric IG (technology and interoperability solutions of the research institutions are essential part of the big picture)

  • Storage Service Definitions WG (formerly “WG QoS-DataLC Definitions”, storage definitions, vocabularies etc. are important part of the daily work with the research data architectures)

The IG differs from these RDA IG’s or WG’s in following areas:

  • Scope of the group is more in institutional level solutions and architectures than for example national level infrastructures or general level architectures

  • Idea of the groups is to discuss technological solutions of the research institutions and other organisations in enterprise architecture level, not only one part of it

  • IG will connect also industrial solutions in the area of the research data and research data management



The target audience of this IG may include all those people who are involved research data infrastructure projects or services as well as users who are interested in the topic of systems, technologies and data flows as a part of the research data infrastructures. For example research data infrastructure project owners or product owners, project managers, ICT architects, developers, data managers, data engineers, data scientists and service users who are interested in technology issues are typical target audience of this IG. Also representatives of the service or technology vendors and data industry are welcome.



Outcomes of the IG:

  • Shared knowledge about research data tools, infrastructures and architectures

  • Knowledge base for best practises and lessons learned



Interest group will have meetings in RDA plenaries (if accepted in the schedule). Between Plenaries IG will collect best practises into the open knowledge base. Group will have 1 - 2 web meetings between plenaries (possibly more, if it is needed).



  • P10: BoF and start of the review process

  • P11: Starting the IG; Discussion about tools, best practises, use cases and knowledge base

  • P12: Templates for the best practises reports

  • P13: First collection of the knowledge base


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Recent Activity

04 Jul 2018

Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions - some action points and news

Hi rdarians,
At first, wellcome all new members of the RDARI IG! Group have currently
39 members from five continents.
Some news and infos about next actions of the Research Data
Architectures in Research Institution IG of the RDA. Here is also some
action points to you also. Please, check them out :-)
1. Last meeting minutes
Minutes of the latest web meeting is now in the wiki of the IG:

29 Jun 2018

Session application information

Submitted information about session application on Tue, 26 Jun 2018 16:20:08 -0000 (UTC)

Dear Ville Tenhunen,

Thank you for submitting a group session application for the RDA 12th Plenary Meeting.

Submitted on Tuesday, 26 June, 2018 - 19:19

For your convenience, please find the submitted information below:

Group name IG Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions

Meeting title IG Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions

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25 Jun 2018

Tomorrow's web meeting of the RDARI IG

Hi all,
Here is the coordinates for tomorrow's web meeting of the RDARI IG:
Join with your web browser (Chrome, IE11):
Other ways to call:
Call in by phone
Finland: +358 8 41541375 extension 2001178218
Additional numbers:

21 Jun 2018

RE: [rda-rdari] Next RDARI webmeeting; prepairing the P12 and accepting the...

Hi Ville,
The changes look good to me. Enjoy the parties! I think our Summer solstice druids have already packed up and gone back to their accountancy jobs.
Dr James A J Wilson
Head of Research Data Services
Research IT Services
Information Services Division, UCL.
1 St. Martin’s Le Grand, London, EC1A 4NP
Tel. 020 3549 5068 (internal: 65068)
Email: ***@***.***

19 Jun 2018

Proposal for a road map for the survey

Hi all,
as promised in the last telephone conference, please find a proposal for
a road map to develop and carry out a survey in this email.
I want to apologize for the short notice before the next telephone
conference, I had a deadline just yesterday and couldn't manage to write
it earlier.
Maybe it is more reasonable to host the content of the road map for
collaborative commenting and editing somewhere. If this is the case I
would kindly ask the more experienced members of the IG to point me to
an appropriate tool/service.

15 Jun 2018

Next RDARI webmeeting; prepairing the P12 and accepting the charter

Hi rdarians,
Our Doodle ( for finding the
next webmeeting time has now ended and the most popular time is 20 June
8:00 UTC[1]. Let's have a meeting then.
I think that we can have also another discussion on 26 June 15:00 UTC
[2] because the first one is not suitable for all.
Technical coordinates for the meeting are:
You're invited to call RDARI on Lifesize.
Connect over video

06 Jun 2018

Next RDARI VC Doodle poll

Hi all,
Like I yesterday promised, we will have another webmeeting about RDARI
issues like charter, survey, prepairing to apply the RDA P12 session etc.
Here you can find some proposed times:
Please, make your marks to the Doodle before 14th June 2018 17:00 UTC.
In the Doodle there is three kind of times, depending on the content
where you locate and I think it is possible to have for example two