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Rainer Stotzka
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The Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions Interest Group is primarily concerned with technical architectures for managing research data within universities and other multi-disciplinary research institutions. It provides insight into the approaches being taken to the development and operation of such architectures and their success or otherwise in enabling good practice.


An institution’s research data management infrastructure consists of more than just a data repository and discovery mechanisms. It includes the underlying storage technologies, the networking, hardware, system interfaces, authentication mechanisms, data brokers, monitoring platforms, semantic interoperability tools, long-term preservation services, high-performance and high-throughput computing facilities, data science platforms, and potentially many other technologies that process data and control the flows of data and metadata between systems.


Seamless data interoperability and movement between different systems both local and in national or disciplinary services is a particular challenge at present, given the need to provide researchers with a smooth and efficient user experience – a key requirement for any research data service. Governance and policies, project management environments, and communications platforms are also vital elements in shaping and informing IT architectures, as is the management of business information associated with research.


This IG seeks to understand the various architectures used by institutions globally, identify pain points within those architectures, and learn from those who have overcome or avoided those pain points.
The general approach of this IG is to encourage discussion about architectures and enable interested parties to collaborate and learn from one another. Many institutions are at present planning and working towards overarching data management architectures, and there is a legitimate concern that without such a forum as is provided by this IG institutions will relive the same experiences and repeat the same mistakes as their peers.

With the one word, this is about nuts and bolts of the research data infrastructures used in the local research infrastructures.


User scenario(s) or use case(s) the IG wishes to address

The Research Data Architectures Interest Group treats the following user scenarios:

  • Knowledge support for research data infrastructure architects, and project and service managers
  • Knowledge sharing regarding enterprise architecture best practises  at multi-disciplinary research institutions
  • Development of a greater understanding of objectives and goals between different stakeholders at research institutions, including  management, infrastructure developers, research data engineers,  IT systems architects, and technology vendors.


The main themes of the IG are

  • Exploring how diverse tools, technologies, and services can be integrated to meet the evolving needs of researchers in research institutions.
  • Considering interoperability between institutional research data infrastructures and (inter)national or discipline-based infrastructures
  • Understanding the different institutional approaches to governance structures and business processes in responding to research ICT demands (e.g. capacity planning/forecasting for storage)
  • Sharing case studies of solutions developed by data infrastructure projects in research institutions
  • Presenting technical innovations and ideas that can further the development of integrated research data infrastructures
  • Agreeing best practice relating to research data architectures in research institutions



The target audience of this IG includes anyone involved in research data infrastructure planning projects or services as well as researchers with an interest in systems, technologies and data flows at the institutions level. This includes research data infrastructure project managers, ICT architects, senior managers with responsibility for research IT services, developers, data managers, data engineers, and data scientists. Also representatives of the service or technology vendors and data industry are welcome.

Recent Activity

06 Dec 2019

P15 Session Proposal Received

Dear RDA Chair,


Thank you for your session proposal for Plenary 15 titled “Research Data Architectures - Surveying the scene, from the institutional to the national”.  A review of all submitted proposals is now underway by the RDA Technical Advisory Board, with notifications of acceptance and scheduling details planned to be sent out the first week in January.  


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have regarding your submission.  


Thank you.




28 Nov 2019

Deadline For P15 Group Session Submissions Extended To 5 December 2019

Dear RDA members, 


RDA's 15th Plenary meeting, Melbourne, Australia, 18-20 March 2020 


The deadline to submit session proposals for Plenary 15 in Melbourne, Australia has been extended to 5 December 2019, midnight UTC.

14 Nov 2019

RDARI Survey extended to the end of November

Dear RDARI Group members,
Apologies for filling your inboxes so frequently in recent weeks! Our last minute push to get some additional responses is proving quite successful, and we're trying a few additional lists that we did not reach first time around, as such, we've decided to leave the survey open for another couple of weeks - until the end of November.
We would still appreciate your help with ensuring that the survey reaches potential respondents, so do please pass it on to any relevant lists that have not yet been tried.

01 Nov 2019

Prepairing the session application for Melbourne plenary and governance survey

Hi all,
Couple of things from the RDARI IG:
1. Governance survey
Just kind reminder about the survey of the research data management
services offered by universities and research institutions around the
The results of the survey will be shared with respondents after it has
closed on the 15th November 2019, and published as open data shortly
Please visit to complete the survey.

24 Oct 2019

RDA plenary 14 session of the RDARI IG

Hi all,
First of all, thank you for the participation in our IG session at RDA
plenary 14 in Espoo today! There was 59 participants, which is a new
group record:-)
You can find presentations from the our RDA pages:
Next we organise a web meeting quite fast after the plenary because we
have to start preparations for the next RDA plenary at Melbourne 18-20
March 2020