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Yuri Demchenko, Laura Molloy, Amy Nurnberger, Christopher Jung
Case Statement: 

The context of increasing volumes of data being created by researchers and the strengthening of requirements for research data management and data sharing has created demand for a new and evolving set of competencies and skills for researchers who create and use the data, and the growing cadre of professionals who support them.

In general, the fostering of these abilities is not explicitly addressed by current training or formal education plans. Also, the place, role and career structure of support professions (data scientists, data librarians, data managers, data analysts, research administrators, infrastructure providers and developers, etc.) is not clear.

The objective of this IG is the exchange of information about existing developments and initiatives and promotion of training/education to manage research data throughout the data lifecycle. Concretely, it will make the case for creating taxonomies of the skills required by different group of data management specialists/professionals and elaborating reference models as a basis to:

  1. enable the setting of quality standards for appropriate education and training programmes aimed at researchers and the professionals that support them, at all career stages;
  2. encourage the recognition of data skills amongst employees, employers, and professional bodies.
  3. prepare the ground for practical applications applying these standards in educational environments

The potential benefits include:

  • increased employability, mobility and recognition of data professionals, including international certification and accreditation, and improved career progression structures;
  • better recognition of data competencies and skills as integral components of researcher and support staff attributes;
  • increased supply of trained data professionals;
  • encouraging innovation in data-related curricula;
  • fostering professional associations around recognizable skills.
  • coordinating development of framework curriculum for different domains.


Recent Activity

02 Aug 2017

FOSTER - call for trainers to share their experiences in a book sprint

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share this pre-call for potential authors to a collaboratively author a handbook on Open Science training written by trainers for trainers. The call will go out more widely via the FOSTER website in September but I wanted to share it with members of this group in advance. The dates are still be finalised but it will likely take place the first or second week of February in Hanover, Germany. If you have any questions, please contact Helen Brinken (cc’d).
All the best,

21 Jul 2017

AGU Joint Education/ESSI session: ED012: Concepts for Research Oriented Teaching and Data Management in the Digital Age

Dear All, with the usual apologies for cross-posting


Please consider submitting to this session, which is seeking to support better understanding and delivery of research data management skills across disciplines. Deadline for proposals is 2 August, and of course do feel free to ping the conveners if you’d like to discuss this further.

Session ID#: 26662

13 Jul 2017

PASIG Oxford 11 - 13 September 2017

* apologies for cross-posting*
Dear colleagues,
A reminder that registration for this year’s PASIG conference in Oxford, UK (11 – 13 September 2017) is now open. Early bird tickets are £150 (until 18 August). Tickets can be purchased here:
Conference sessions include:

12 Jul 2017

Fwd: EDISON Workshop: Data Science - from infrastructure to skills for insight and value (29 August 2017, Amsterdam)

Dear IG-ETHRD members,
Following the discussions at the 3rd Champions Conference in Warsaw
(19-20 June 2017) and EDISON Liaison Group (ELG) meeting on 29 June
2017, we took initiative to organise the final EDISON workshop with the
provisional title:
Data Science: From infrastructure to skills for insight and
The goal is to further engage with the RI, EOSC and RDA communities to
discuss roadmap for Data Science related professions and skills,
including education, training and certification and how to achieved

19 Jun 2017

ISO certification of trusted repositories

I hope the following will be of interest.
Dr David Giaretta
Who can be trusted with your precious information for years to come?
Much of our lives and our futures depend on digital information yet the
"father of the internet" Vint Cerf [1] worries about the coming "digital
dark age". How can we know who can be trusted with our digital future?
Now there is a way to do it in the same way we know which systems we can
trust for food, environment, energy, namely through ISO certification by ISO

10 May 2017

FW: [rda-edu-ig] Re: [rda-edu-ig] IG-ETHRD meeting 5th April 2017 - Presentations online

Dear all,
From the notes from the last RDA I saw:
Steps forward
- Extend scope/title - RDM curriculum harmonisation
- Write WG Case Statement and submit to TAB
- Find chairs willing to run WG
Can you please inform me closer to the topics above?
Are all chairs of the group resigning and are therefore new chairs needed?
I am very interested in this group, bur unfortunally I couldn't make it in Barcelona.
Please tell me what is needed and I can see what I can do.
With kind regards,
Ellen Verbakel

01 May 2017

Re: [rda-edu-ig] IG-ETHRD meeting 5th April 2017 - Presentations online

Dear IG-ETHRD members,
The presentations from the meeting are uploaded to the IG wiki which is
our space for placing any relevant information about our activity.
Please use these links
Dear IG-ETHRD members,
The presentations from the meeting are uploaded to the IG wiki which is
our space for placing any relevant information about our activity.
Please use these links
for last meeting presentations (and later notes)

30 Apr 2017

Task Force on Defining data handling related competences and skills for different groups of professions - Working area

Task Force on Defining data handling related competences and skills for different groups of professions - Working area

(This is a backup page for the Task Force activity 2015-2016)


Task Force creation agreed at IG ETHRD meeting at RDA Plenary 5 (San Diego, March 2015) to draw together information on the skills and competences currently or soon likely to be required for handling research data in the following four professional areas:

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30 Apr 2017

ETHRD IG Meeting at RDA Plenary 9 - 5-7 April 2017, Barcelona

Meeting agenda - 5th April, Breakout 2, 14:00 - 15:30 

(See presentation as attachement links below)

1. Welcome and state of the IG (3-5 min)

2. Updates from spin-off groups and liaison/collaboration with other IG/WG - provided by IG chairs with contribution from spin-off groups (15 min)
  * Teaching TDM skills 
  * Accreditation and Certification
  * Research Data Management Curriculum
  * Data Champion Communities 
  * Others - TBA

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