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The context of increasing volumes of data being created by researchers and the strengthening of requirements for research data management and data sharing has created demand for a new and evolving set of competencies and skills for researchers who create and use the data, and the growing cadre of professionals who support them.

In general, the fostering of these abilities is not explicitly addressed by current training or formal education plans. Also, the place, role and career structure of support professions (data scientists, data librarians, data managers, data analysts, research administrators, infrastructure providers and developers, etc.) is not clear.

The objective of this IG is the exchange of information about existing developments and initiatives and promotion of training/education to manage research data throughout the data lifecycle. Concretely, it will make the case for creating taxonomies of the skills required by different group of data management specialists/professionals and elaborating reference models as a basis to:

  1. enable the setting of quality standards for appropriate education and training programmes aimed at researchers and the professionals that support them, at all career stages;
  2. encourage the recognition of data skills amongst employees, employers, and professional bodies.
  3. prepare the ground for practical applications applying these standards in educational environments

The potential benefits include:

  • increased employability, mobility and recognition of data professionals, including international certification and accreditation, and improved career progression structures;
  • better recognition of data competencies and skills as integral components of researcher and support staff attributes;
  • increased supply of trained data professionals;
  • encouraging innovation in data-related curricula;
  • fostering professional associations around recognizable skills.
  • coordinating development of framework curriculum for different domains.


Recent Activity

19 Apr 2018

Webinar: Data Skills Curricula Framework Implementation


Hello All, 

ESIP's Data Management Training Working Group, the Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management project, and the AGU/RDA/ESIP Enabling FAIR Data project are co-hosting a webinar this Thursday (19 April, 16:30 UTC) discussing ways to develop common data skills among researchers by sharing existing training resources. Input and discussion from ETHRD IG members is welcomed. Please see below for details. 

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15 Dec 2017

ONE WEEK TO GO! Call for Papers for 'Göttingen-CODATA RDM Symposium 2018, 18-20 March 2018' - Deadline 22 December 2017

ONE WEEK TO GO! The deadline of 22 December is approaching for abstract submissions for papers to be presented at the Göttingen-CODATA Symposium 2018 on ‘the critical role of university research data management infrastructure in transforming data to knowledge’.

08 Dec 2017

New Co-Chair & Plenary planning

Dear RDA ETHRD-IG members,
I am happy to announce the appointment of a new co-chair to the group, Rob
Quick. Rob serves as the manager of the High Throughput Computing at
Indiana University, Research Technologies and has spent much of the last 15
years in providing training to researchers in the access and use of compute
resources. Rob has further demonstrated his interest in education and
training on the handling of research data through his participation as
co-organizer and lecturer in the African School of Fundamental Physics

10 Oct 2017

New WG on Curriculum

Dear members of the Education and Training Interest Group,
Please find in the link the draft Case Statement for a WG Data Supporter Curriculum.
After teaching Essentials 4 Data Support for quit some years now, it is now time for a more structured Curriculum for Data Supporters.
The Case Statement if very preliminary, please feel free to comment on it.
I am sending this email to the group to investigate who is also interested in working on this.

22 Sep 2017

Thanks for a great P10 session!

Hi, all,
Many thanks to those who attended and contributed to Thursday's session for
ETHRD-IG. You should be able to find all of the materials linked through
This includes slides, notes, pictures of breakout group notes, and the
co-chair election process.
Thank you for all of your enthusiasm! The breakout groups came up with some

22 Sep 2017

Fwd: [All-sso] DI4R 2017: Digital Infrastructure for Research - 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017, Brussels

Dear IG members,
You may be interested to know about this event in Europe
One of conference topics area is Data science and skills
Area 2: Data science and skills:
Topics related to the EC’s Open Science Skills Working Group Report,

07 Sep 2017

Plenary 10 agenda

Hey, all,
I'm putting the final touches on the agenda for our session in Montreal,
and just wanted to check in with you. Please let me know if you are a chair
of one of our generated working groups, want to give an update on your
work, and I have NOT contacted you yet. Thanks!
Please look for the final agenda in the next day or so.