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Fwd: Contacting previous ambassadors about the Joint RDA session submission

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    Forwarding on behalf of Allyson Lister.
    Please view the message below and get in touch with Allyson directly if this would be of interest to you.
    Many thanks,
    Dear RDA Ambassadors,
    As one of the FAIRsharing WG chairs and as the RDA / EOSC Future Domain Ambassador for standards, repositories and policies, and together with Beth Knazook (DRI, EOSC Future) and Connie Clare (RDA Community Manager), I am inviting you to deliver a short talk about the benefits and challenges around connecting the RDA to your particular research community for to the RDA Plenary 20 in March in Sweden.
    You will find a draft [… |
    here ] (the section around ambassadors his [… |
    section 3 ] ), and the deadline for the plenary submission is 31 October. Our internal deadline for submitting this session application is 21 October.
    All we need to know is if you are provisionally interested in providing your insights on community engagement with RDA in the context of your ambassadorship. A provisional statement of interest will not bind you to speaking, but it does mean we can get back to you if our application is successful.
    Best wishes,

    Dr. Allyson Lister
    FAIRsharing Coordinator – Content & Community
    Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford
    Data Readiness Group: [ | ]
    ORCiD: 0000-0002-7702-4495

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