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Ingvill Constanze Ødegaard
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Caterina Caracciolo
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Sebastien Denvil
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Katharina Mueller
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Fotis Psomopoulos
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Eva Méndez
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Timea Biro
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Sara Garavelli
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Francoise Genova
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Fiona Murphy
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Natalie Harrower
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Anne Cambon-Thomsen
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Daniel Bangert
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René van Horik
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Shaun de Witt
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julien barde
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Wouter Addink
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Ana Slavec
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Ricarda Braukmann
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Ilaria Fava
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Marieke Willems
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Nikola Vasiljević
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Theresa Bärwolff
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Group Details Edit Group Details

Status: Public
Chair(s): Natalie Harrower, Francoise Genova
Group Description:

Integrating domain and interdisciplinary contributions and implementing the Open Science vision and building a network of Research Data Ambassadors across domains and geographies


In the context of RDA, research communities and their conduits play a key role in ensuring that contributions are brought forward and encompassed to address data discipline-related barriers as well as the cross-domain ones. At the same time, research communities and discipline experts are essential for the implementation of the Open Science agenda and should be encouraged to work within interdisciplinary and international collaboration mechanisms to develop the necessary interoperability frameworks.

The RDA Europe Ambassador programme aims to build a capillary network at (cross-) disciplinary level connecting people, research communities and organisations in a way that is beneficial for all while contributing to a common body of knowledge that enables interdisciplinary research and helps prevent fragmentation and duplication of efforts. Ambassadors will work closely with their communities and organisations and leverage the RDA Working and Interest group mechanisms and common RDA fora, advocating and promoting the adoption of RDA outputs and ensuring balanced representation and long-term collaboration.

The RDA EU Ambassadors support RDA Europe and RDA Global activities and are committed to the international collaboration with Ambassadors from other reagions in the spirit of the RDA. 

The RDA Europe Ambassadors are: 

  • Wouter Addink – RDA EU Ambassador for Natural Sciences
  • Julien Barde – RDA EU Ambassador for Marine Sciences / Fisheries
  • Ricarda Braukmann – RDA EU Ambassador for Social Sciences
  • Anne Cambon-Thomsen – RDA EU Ambassador health sciences and for research ethics
  • Caterina Caracciolo – RDA EU Ambassador for Agricultural Sciences
  • Sébastien Denvil – RDA EU Ambassador Earth Sciences / Climate modelling
  • Rene van Horik – RDA EU Ambassador for Humanities
  • Eva Méndez – Ambassador for Interdisciplinary Research
  • Ingvill Mochman – RDA EU Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Fiona Murphy – RDA EU Ambassador Media and Communications
  • Fotis Psomopoulos – RDA EU Ambassador for Bioinformatics
  • Ana Slavec – RDA EU Ambassador for Engineering/ Renewable Materials
  • Nikola Vasiljevic – RDA EU Ambassador for Engineering and Technology / Wind energy
  • Shaun de Witt – RDA EU Ambassador for High energy physics/ Fusion


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Ambassadors handbook 

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Ambassadors public page: Contact form & Where to meet the Ambassadors


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