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National Group posters at RDA P14

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    This is a short message to confirm that RDA P14 Organizing Committee welcomes posters from National groups, presenting current national initiatives, to be showcased at RDA P14 in Helsinki.
    We therefore invite you to submit your abstract by tomorrow here – even a short text as a placeholder will be fine.
    We also remind you that posters will have to be printed in vertical format with dimensions of 70cm x 100cm and must be printed and delivered to the event venue directly by applicants.

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    Varsha Mehta

    Hello members of RDA Asia! I have joined recently and was looking for information about the goings-on in this region and group. I suspect that there is a lull at the moment, maybe because of the painful pandemic years? It’ll be great if we can get started by introducing ourselves and sharing our interests.

    I am Varsha and I work as a freelance consultant in the broad area of rural livelihoods and natural resource management. Based in India.

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