14th Plenary - Poster Session

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30 April 2019 5975 reads

Vote for your top 5 posters at https://forms.gle/xkg4gc59DMVPGoT5A. Voting closes on the 24th of October, 14:00. The 3 winners will be announced at the conference dinner at Tapahtumatalo Bank Restaurant. Please note only academic submissions are part of the competition, and regional node posters will be displayed on Friday 25 October. 

For poster participants, please bring your printed poster to the conference venue for the exhibition. Posters must be in vertical format with dimensions of 70cm x 100cm. You may choose to print your poster beforehand and carry it with you on your flight, or you can arrange to have it printed locally at one of the following locations:

Posters will be displayed prominently within the venue, with staff available to assist with setup.

Regional node posters and the winners of the poster competition will be displayed in Dipoli on Friday 25 October. Please note that regional node posters are not part of the poster competition. 



Poster Title

Name & surname


Data Management

Plans (DMPs)


DMP Training: A New Methodology João Cardoso INESC-ID

DMPonline - sustaining an open source code base

Magdalena Drafiova; Sarah Jones; Sam Rust

Digital Curation Centre


A proposal of Machine-actionable Data Management Plan for Fiocruz Patricia Henning; Viviane Veiga Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ)


The collaborative method between curators and researchers in the preparation of a Data Management Plan and Privacy Impact Assessment Yulia Karimova; Cristina Ribeiro INESC TEC / FEUP


Evaluating Sharing of Data in C4G, a Portuguese Research Infrastructure dedicated to Geosciences Helena Amaral C4G - Colaboratorium for Geosciences
Research Data Management


Research data management life cycle support at University of Helsinki Mari Elisa Kuusniemi, Ville Tenhunen, Minna Harjuniemi, Pälvi Kaiponen University of Helsinki; Helsinki University Library, Center for Information Technology, University Services


National collaboration as a strategic enabler of institutional RDM support Lene Offersgaard University of Copenhagen


Delivering Research Data Management Services (DRDMS) MOOC Alex Delipalta; Sarah Jones; S.Venkat; Ellen Verbakel; Rene van Horik Digital Curation Centre, RDNL


openRDM.swiss: a national research data management service for the Swiss scientific community Henry Lütcke Scientific IT Services, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


The Evolution of RDM and Digital Research Infrastructure in Canada Jeff Moon; Lee Wilson CARL Portage Network [CARL: Canadian Association of Research Libraries]


Efficiently starting institutional RDM Kerstin Helbig Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Support in research data management from special libraries Birte Lindstaedt ZB MED Information Centre Life Sciences


The Research Data Management Situation in Hong Kong Wendy Hoi Yan Wong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library


Developing Discipline Specific Research Data Management and Data Information Literacy Training in Chemistry & Ethnography: A Focused Approach for Small College Faculty and Students Parvaneh Abbaspour Lewis & Clark College


23 Things revisited: field guides to research data management Mijke Jetten, PhD Radboud University


Research data management in the field of Ecology: challenges and opportunities Ângela Lomba CIBIO ( Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources) - InBIO (Research Network in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology), University of Porto


Data Agents: How to put research data management into practice? Anne Sunikka Aalto University


Korea Research Data Platform: Present and Future Sa-kwang Song Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information


The German National Resarch Data Infrastructure for Engineers Hausen, Daniela; Schwarz, Annett; Kraft, Angelina RWTH Aachen University and Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology University Library


NFDI4Chem - Research Data Infrastructure for Chemistry Bach Felix Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


CEDAR Workbench: Adding Metadata, Searching, Models, and Pipelines John Graybeal Stanford University


A Case Study on Improving Usability throughout the Data Lifecycle at a Scientific Data Center Robert R. Downs and Robert S. Chen CIESIN, Columbia University


Surveying and Supporting Funder Practices that Enable Transparent and Credible Research David Mellor Center for Open Science


Reinforcing nodes and links: Expanding the knowledge graph of research activities of research institutions Shutaro Kiyoshige Hokkaido University


Data curation practices in the Netherlands: creating a “Dutch Data Curation Network” Inge Slouwerhof Radboud University


EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) Extension to Address Transversal Skills required by Emerging Digital Transformation Yuri Demchenko, Cuadrado Gallego Juan José, Tomasz Wiktorski, Steve Brewer University of Amsterdam
27 Towards a community-endorsed data steward profession for supporting research Mijke Jetten, PhD Radboud University
28 A CLIR Perspective on How Data Makes a Difference Smiti Nathan Johns Hopkins University
29 Users Stories are the “data that makes the difference” in research data infrastructure design Alexander Sussman University of New South Wales
  30 Promoting the work of the Data Champions Connie Clare The University of Nottingham/TU Delft
  31 Designing an Architecture for Machine-actionable Research Data Management Planning in an Institutional Context Simon Oblasser Vienna University of Technology
FAIR Data 32 Let the Data Sing - A scalable Architecture to make Data Silos FAIR Tobias Weber, Alexander Götz, Stephan Hachinger Leibniz Supercomputing Centre


Automatic Facet Generation and Selection over Knowledge Graphs Leila Feddoul; Sirko Schindler; Frank Löffler Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany and German Aerospace Center DLR, Institute of Data Science, Jena, Germany


The SAIL data infrastructure for open and FAIR research data from the SAIL campaign Susana Barbosa INESC TEC


GO FAIR Catharina Wasner ZBW


Data in brief: a trustable platform for FAIR data sharing Ross Hildrew Elsevier Ltd


Building The Data Landscape Of The Future: FAIRsFAIR Practical Solutions To Foster A FAIR Data Culture Sara Pittonet Trust-IT Services


Evaluation tool of FAIR criteria literacy and compliance to foster research data sharing. Romain David; Laurence Mabile; Mohamed Yahia; Mogens Thomsen; Anne Cambon-Thomsen; and the Research Data Alliance - SHAring Reward & Credit (SHARC) Interest Group https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/sharing-rewards-and-credit-sharc-ig MISTEA, INRA, Montpellier SupAgro, Université de Montpellier,


The BonaRes Data Portal: FAIR access to Soil and Agricultural Research Data Carsten Hoffmann ZALF - Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research


clara.science - classification of research areas Claudia Martens DKRZ / KIT / re3data / B2FIND


EHRI - European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Francesco Gelati University of Limerick (until 2019-07-30); Munich Institute for Contemporary History (from 2019-08-01)


Finding Research Data Heinrich Widmann DKRZ / EUDAT / EOSC-hub
  43 Researcher-led FAIR services at TU Graz Sarah Stryeck, Stefan Reichmann, Thomas Klebel, Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi, Tony Ross-Hellauer TU Graz
  44 FAIR workflows – A workbench for the reproducibility of scientific workflows and protocols Joao Moreira VU Amsterdam / U.Twente
Agricultural Sciences & Environmental/earth sciences


Identifying, naming and interoperating data in a Phenotyping platform network : the good, the bad and the ugly. David Romain MISTEA, INRA, Montpellier SupAgro, Université de Montpellier, Montpellier, France


D2KAB project taking off: Data to Knowledge in Agronomy and Biodiversity Sophie Aubin INRA


AN INTEROPERABLE CLIMATE SERVICE FOR DROUGHT MONITORING Ramona Magno IBE-CNR (Institute of BioEconomy of National Research Council), 50019 - Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy


Not just a lot of hot air: How ICOS greenhouse gas observations are helping to inform society about climate change Maggie Hellström ICOS Carbon Portal, Lund University Department of Physical Geography & Ecosystem Science, Sölvegatan 12, S-22362, Lund, Sweden


SHARING DATA AND INFORMATION ON LOCAL FLOODING RISK IN NIGER Tiziana De Filippis National Research Council, Institute of BioEconomy (CNR-IBE), Italy


Opportunities and Challenges for Energy Data and Climate Change Emily Beagle The University of Texas at Austin


Drivers and barriers of reproducibility and openness in energy economics Ana Trisovic University of Chicago


Data infrastructure for big earth data stewardship in CASEarth Lili Zhang; Jianhui Li Computer Network Information Center, CAS


IUGS/GCI Global Geoscience Data Transfer Standards - GeoSciML and EarthResourceML Jouni Vuollo (GTK); Eric Boisvert (GSC), Mark Rattenbury (GNS) and CGI Interoperability Working Groups Head of Unit
  54 Finding the limits of sustainability: towards data integration Núria Bautista Puig Carlos III University of Madrid





Linking supporting research data to scholarly articles at Elsevier Marina Soares e Silva Elsevier


Journal Research Data Policy Across Disciplines: Comparison Between 2014 and 2019 1) Ui Ikeuchi; 2) Manabu Abe 3) Kazuhiro Hayashi, 4) Norimasa Nomura, 5) Nobuya Okayama, 6) Mizuho, Owashi, 7) Kenichi Sumimoto, 8) Nanako Takahashi, 9) Yuko Toda, 10) Masahito Nosé 1) Bunkyo University, 2) JAMSTEC, 3) NISTEP, 4) Clarivate Analytics, 5) Hitachi Consulting, 6) National Institute for Environmental Studies, 7) JST, 8) Tokyo Gakugei University, 9) Teikyo University, 10) Nagoya University


Writing data citation guidelines for linguistics: Lessons learned Andreassen, Helene N. UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Reproducible paper template Mohammad Akhlaghi Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)


OpenAIRE Research Community Gateway: Enabling Open Science publishing for Research Communities and Research Infrastructures Pedro Principe University of Minho


Can we enhance data discovery by standardising licence classification? Graham Parton Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)


Conquaire: Reproducibility of Research Data by Applying Continuous Integration Vidya Ayer, Philipp Cimiano, Fabian Herrmann, Vitali Peil, Christian Pietsch, Andreas Rempel, Jochen Schirrwagen, Johanna Vompras, Cord Wiljes University of Bielefeld, Germany


Long-tail Data Curatation and Publishing Services through GFZ Data Services Elger, Kirsten; Ulbrich, Damian GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany

Archiving / Repositories / Storing / Sharing


Simple, Standards-Based Archiving in Dataverse James Myers Dataverse


ARCHIVER - Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments Joao Fernandes CERN


Development of Institutional Research Data Repository to Support Korean Scientific and Research Data Jung-Ho Um Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information


Sustainable infrastructure for the integration of research software in research data repositories Sibylle Hermann University of Stuttgart


RDUF (Research Data Utilization Forum): a meeting Place for the Japanese Community to Discuss Research Data Sharing 1) Hideaki Takeda, 2) Yasuhiro Murayama (**, +), 3) RDUF Secretary Office  1) National Institute of Informatics, 2) National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, 3) Japan Science and Technology Agency (+: corresponding author)


NBDC - as a main provider and an evangelist for life science data repository and portal in Japan Shigeru Yatsuzuka; Jun-ichi Onami; Tomoe Nobusada; Satoko Sakai; Atsuko Miyazaki; Toshihisa Takagi National Bioscience Database Center


Representation of authentic archival information in the Semantic Web André Pacheco University of Coimbra


Datacloud: Distributed architecture for data storing and sharing Ville Tenhunen; Eero Kesälä; Matti Saarinen Unversity of Helsinki / Center for Information Technology


Introducing the Jisc Open Research Hub Tamsin Burland; John Kaye; Dom Fripp; Tom Dave; Paul Stokes; Caroline Ingram Jisc


It takes two to tango Geneviève Michaud Sciences Po


Research Information Hub - a window into Finnish research Hanna-Mari Puuska; Walter Rydman CSC - IT Centre for Science


OntoPortal Virtual Appliance and Community Adoption John Graybeal Stanford University


Defining Open Data Market Architecture and Functional Components for effective data exchnage Yuri Demchenko; Rens Van der Veldt; Lu Zhang; Paola Grosso; Wouter Los; Cees de Laats; Leon Gommans University of Amsterdam

Measuring metadata quality

Király Péter

Göttingen eResearch Alliance, GWDG



ADOnIS – An ontology-based information system providing seamless integration of structured and unstructured data Alsayed Algergawy; Friederike Klan; Erik Faessler; Hamdi Hamed; Bernd Kampe; Birgitta König-Ries; Udo Hahn University of Jena, Jena Germany


R&R- a De novo Method to Improve Data Access and Share-AI Generated Metadata Talapady N Bhat*; Jacob Collard; Subrahmanian Eswaran; Ira Monarch; Ram Sriram NIST


Leveraging Schema.org Specifications within Materials Science and Engineering Zachary Trautt National Institute of Standards and Technology


SuLMaSS - Sustainable Lifecycle Management for Scientific Software Robert Ulrich University Heart Center Freiburg Bad Krozingen / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology / DE-RSE / RDA-DE / bwDataArchive


Improving Discoverability and Accessibility of Civic Open Data Portal through University and State Agency Partnerships Jennifer Garcon University of Pennsylvania


Integration of heterogeneous data using the SciData data model Stuart Chalk University of North Florida
83 Leveraging the use of publicly available data for Cancer Research: an example in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Maria Tsagiopoulou Institute of Applied Biosciences, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (INAB | CERTH)
84 Diagnosis of Market Symptoms by Artificial Intelligence: A Case Study of Changing Market Integration in Electricity Market Hyeongyul Roh Duke University
Regional nodes


Italian Node poster Emma Lazzeri CNR-ISTI


RDA - The Netherlands (national node) Lisa de Leeuw Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)


RDA Greece

Fotis Karayannis, Elli Papadopoulou

ATHENA Research Centre


RDA in Portugal: a national community in research data Cristina Ribeiro INESC TEC/ University of Porto


The German RDA Node Raphael Ritz MPCDF


RDA Spain Fabrizio Gagliardi Barcelona Supercomputing Center


RDA national node in Ireland Timea Biro, Sandra Collins, Natalie Harrower Digital Repository of Ireland / Royal Irish Academy, National Library of Ireland 


Czech RDA Node Tomas Mildorf Plan4all / University of West Bohemia


Norwegian Research Data Alliance Node Katrine Utaaker Segadal NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data


RDA Slovenia Janez Štebe Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP)


RDA in Finland Anu Märkälä on behalf of Heidi Laine CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.


RDA Sweden: encouraging RDM best practices across disciplines Maggie Hellström Lund University
97 Research Data Management: Awareness Raising and Support in Lithuania Ieva Cesevičiūtė and Gintarė Tautkevičienė

Kaunas University of Technology

98 RDA in Australia Stefanie Kethers 

Senior Business Analyst, ARDC, Director of Operations, RDA


Opening up UK research Christopher Brown Jisc
100 RDA in Denmark  Zaza Nadja  Rigsarkivet
101 RDA in Croatia Draženko Celjak, Ljiljana Jertec Musap University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre
102 RDA in Hungary Robert Lovas MTA SZTAKI
103 RDA in Austria Andreas Rauber  Vienna University of Technology
104 RDA in France Françoise Genova   Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS)