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Expanding our horizons to new disciplines: harmonising on what is core to all.

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    Lesley Wyborn

    Collaborative session notes:…

    Introduce the Session (5 minutes): Kerstin Lehnert

    Review of the IG’s Catalogue of Groups/Projects Working on Physical samples and their Identifiers and invite new additions from the audience (10 minutes) Jens Klump

    Lightning talks (~3 minutes) on new projects/updates on existing ones (20 Minutes)

    Update on the DataCite/ISGN Partnership (Jens Klump)
    IGSN in Archaeology (Shawn Ross)
    Physical samples from outer space (Kerstin Lehnert)
    Update on the Sampling Nature Research Coordination Network (Kerstin Lehnert)
    Open invitation for impromtu presentations from the audience on projects managing and uniquely identifying physical samples.

    Deep Dive: Biospecimens in the Life Sciences: a new proposed group (45 Minutes) (Rory McNeil, Sara El-Gebali).

    Next steps (Including new chairs) (10 minutes)

    Additional links to informative material

    Group Page:

    Case Statement:

    A Catalogue of Groups/Projects involved in Physical Samples: 

    23 things: 

    Partnership between IGSN and DataCite: 

    A new name, a new role for the IGSN Organization and Identifier:

    IGSN ID Registration Guide:

    Lehnert, K., Open and FAIR Samples: The Need for Trustworthy Digital and Physical Sample Curation.
    Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 2017. Vol. 49, No. 6, ISSN 0016-7592, doi: 10.1130/abs/2017AM-307456

    ESIP Session on “FAIR Samples and Collections in the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences.”

    Ramdeen, S., and Lehnert, K., FAIR Samples for Open Astromaterials Science. Astromaterials Data Management in the Era of Sample-Return Missions Community Workshop, held 8-9 November, 2021. Hybrid / Tucson, Arizona. LPI Contribution No. 2654, id.2023 

    Lehnert, K., 2017. Open and FAIR Samples: the Need for Trustworthy Digital and Physical Sample Curation GSA, Seattle, Washington.

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Coordinating Earth, Space, and Environmental Science Data Preservation and Scholarly Publication Processes

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The group formed at P10 in Montreal in September 2017 and aims to facilitate cross-domain exchange and convergence on key issues related to the digital representation of physical samples and collections, including but not limited to use of globally unique and persistent identifiers for samples to support unambiguous citation and linking of information in distributed data systems and with publications, metadata standards for documenting samples and collections and for landing pages, access policies, and best practices for sample and collection catalogue, including a broad range of issues from interoperability to persistence. As an interest group, we seek to showcase new for community developments that promote the use of the sample and its connections to any derived observations, images and analytical data.  We also seek to help individual communities identify what is truly unique about their samples but still make it easy to interoperate within the global samples ecosystem.  

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Lesley Wyborn

    Meeting objectives
    The focus of the P20 Plenary session of the RDA Physical Samples and Collections in the Research Data Ecosystem Interest Group (PSACIRDE-IG) is to continue raising awareness of new projects on samples and related identifiers and discuss a new proposed initiative in for biospecimens in the Life Sciences.
    The objectives of the session include:

    Further developing the Catalogue of Groups/Projects working on samples and identifiers;

    Provide updates on existing samples projects; and

    Promote a new Group on Biospecimens in the Life Sciences with a view of becoming an RDA WG perhaps as part of the Samples IG.

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