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RDA Ambassadors and Champions: Building an IG with lessons learned

13 FEB 2024

Collaborative session notes

Group leading the application: 

RDA in Ireland

FAIRsharing Registry: Connecting data policies, standards and databases RDA WG

Meeting agenda: 

This meeting will aim to cover a number of topics to help define the scope of a group that has many possible benefits to both the RDA and its members. We will look at the impact of previous European funded ambassadors and consider how the RDA and other networks amplify efforts.

  1. 10min: Background and history of grant-funded RDA Ambassador programs
  2. 15min: Introduction to the RDA Ambassador IG charter (What does it mean to be an ambassador/community champion/evangelist/mentor/facilitator/…?)
    1. What do ambassadors achieve?
    2. What do they get out of it?
    3. How are their achievements acknowledged or attributed?
    4. Who can participate?
  3. 45min: Alumni Ambassadors roundtable (Opportunities for individuals to pitch ideas for increasing connectivity between their community and RDA)
    1. Opportunities for implementing RDA outputs
    2. Examples of outreach and engagement activities within their communities
    3. Support ideas to build capacity for volunteer engagement
    4. Encouraging interdisciplinary conversations, sharing expertise and best practices
  4. 20min: Next steps
    1. Focus on broadening the scope of the IG beyond Europe
    2. Timeline for finalising the group charter

Meeting objectives: 

This collaborative session will highlight the contributions of ambassador programs to the development of open science and the adoption of FAIR data sharing across domains of research and practice, and aims to continue a discussion begun in the RDA Plenary 21 in Salzburg around the benefit and value of a Domain Ambassadors IG in facilitating collaboration and engagement for those developing research training, engaging in science diplomacy, promoting FAIR data principles, modeling good scholarly communication, and advocating for open science education.

To do this we will reflect on the past experiences of the RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors as well as other groups who have experience with structured support for RDA engagement or promotion of FAIR data practices. This will be used to refine the charter for the IG, develop a plan for future activities and their scope while also exploring questions of sustainability such as: turnover mechanisms, exploring support opportunities from individuals and organisations, and expanding the group’s involvement to include more globally diverse participants.

Short Group Status: 

The FAIRsharing WG is in maintenance mode. The chairs have kindly agreed to host a conversation about Ambassadorships in order to further the development of a charter for a Domain Ambassadors Interest Group. FAIRsharing was represented in the last European funded call for RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

A Domain Ambassadors IG was proposed at the Salzburg Plenary in 2023, and informal group meetings focused on developing a charter were called following the Plenary. 

(Collaborative notes: Slides:

This interest group aims to continue the work of the RDA4EOSC and RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors, who developed a network and gathered broad experience from European funded projects.  

Type of Meeting: 

Working meeting

Group chair serving as contact person (responsible for the agreement with the corresponding groups): 

Allyson Lister

Additional links to informative material: 

About the RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors: 

FAIRSharing community champions programme: 

CODATA/RDA schools: 

Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 

Engaging Researchers with Data IG

Avoid conflict with the following group (2): 

Professionalising Data Stewardship IG

Meeting presenters: 

RDA/EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors