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    This is a working area dedicated to the support and updates of RDA Finnish Node. The Node is hosted at CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd., hence actively acting as a mediator and promoting RDA in Finland and also abroad.

    National Node acts as the local point of contact between national data practioners and RDA. Our aim as one of the existing nine nodes is to:

    • Support data research at a national/local level, promoting the RDA vision and results, ensuring capillary uptake of RDA principles
    • Synergise with national, European & global organisations in concrete actions to facilitate uptake of RDA recommendations and principles
    • Act as a central contact point between national/regional data practitioners and RDA, interacting with national research funding bodies
    • Contribute to the definition of European data policies
    • Contribute to the definition of RDA’s strategy and participate in RDA processes

    This working area connects researchers working with research data in Finland, and enables them to interconnect with broader RDA activities through e.g. RDA Working and Interest Groups. We are continuously looking for researchers, research communities and private sector actors, who are interested in testing and adopting RDA outputs and recommendations, and are happy to give advice in different stages of this process.


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