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Funding opportunity for Open, Reusable Research Data and Software

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    Dear all,
    I would like to attract your attention to *a new funding
    opportunity for Open & Re-usable Research Data & Software*
    The following section of the call is for those of you who are
    interested in *research
    *3. Processes and tools to describe, share, reference and archive software
    source code, in particular with the goal to enhance reproducibility of
    research results.* The objective is to develop tools and processes that
    leverage existing initiatives, such as the Software Heritage universal
    source code archive and the SWHID persistent source code identifiers, in
    order to:
    a. Improve, and possibly automate, research workflows to ensure that the
    source code of software developed for, or reused in a research project, is
    properly archived, with an appropriate identifier that pinpoints the
    precise version used;
    b. Ensure that software that has been evaluated by peers and assigned a
    reproducibility badge or stamp is archived for the long term, and
    referenced using proper persistent identifiers;
    c. Produce curated metadata for software, following well established
    community standards, and archive it alongside the source code;
    d. Contribute to establish links between articles, data and software source
    code, with proper metadata and persistent identifiers;
    e. Ensure that the source code of software listed in community-maintained
    software catalogues is archived and equipped with appropriate identifiers.
    The call is expected to close by mid-december 2022, all the details are
    available on the pre-announcement website at:
    Please share this information with all interested parties.
    All the best

    Computer Science Professor
    (on leave at Inria from IRIF/Université Paris Cité)
    Software Heritage E-mail : ***@***.***
    INRIA Web :
    Bureau C328 Twitter :
    2, Rue Simone Iff Tel : +33 1 80 49 44 42
    CS 42112
    75589 Paris Cedex 12
    GPG fingerprint 2931 20CE 3A5A 5390 98EC 8BFC FCCA C3BE 39CB 12D3

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