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BOF Coordinating mechanisms for making code visible

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    Paula Andrea

    Dear SSCIG members,
    Some of you might have joined the BOF “Coordinating mechanisms for making code visible” last week. We have created a very useful document that is worth sahring with this group to enable follow up discussions.
    We have included:

    The Summary and Takeaways on the first page of the document
    We collected incentives and guidance from the audience and the results are now shared, we also added descriptions and URLs for some of the suggestions. 
    We have organised the notes from the presentations and Q&A
    The video recording is available via Whova, before it goes public on 1 May 2023.
    We are happy to be included in the Post plenary webinar scheduled online on 20th April 07:30 and 17:00 UTC. Register today.
    Participants are listed in case you are interested to reach out to fellow interested participants but we removed all the emails for privacy, and kept the speakers emails if you have questions. 

    Best Regards, 
    Paula, Alison, Alice, Leslie and Dan.

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