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IG Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ Data – RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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    Meeting title
    sUAS Data Collaborations Effort (Remote Access Instructions)
    Collaborative session notes:
    Meeting Location: Congress C
    Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities
    The sUAS Data IG is focused on developing community, tools, and best practices to support the evolution and development of best data management practices for small drone collected data. Formed in 2017, the previous four RDA plenaries have been focused on (a) building connections with relevant RDA IGs and WGs for relevant data expertise and (b) building connections within the sUAS user community.
    Additional links to informative material related to the group

    sUAS Data IG Charter:
    sUAS Data IG webpage (with presentations from previous plenaries):

    Meeting objectives
    Pursuing the IG’s goal of facilitating the evolution of drone data management best practices, this will be a working session with goal of finalising a WG charter proposal. Developments over the last 12 months (including the advancement of sUAS data collaborations within RDA especially during P12, conclusion of a related sUAS Minimum Information Framework project with ESIP, and presentations at the OGC 2018 Winter meeting) have resulted in work being done on papers and funding proposals that are leading to sufficient momentum, and hopeful funding, for a concrete and focused WG proposal for stewardship by this IG.
    The objective of this session will be (1) to share the broader scope of relevant sUAS Data efforts, and (2) to engage all participants directly in discussing and finalizing an RDA WG charter that builds from, and advances these efforts. Meeting agenda
    (1) Short introduction to the IG and summary of current efforts – 10 minutes
    (2) Presentations from sUAS Data Initiatives and Groups – 30 minutes
    (a) Presentation from CISRO on relevant and upcoming sUAS data work
    (b) Presentation from OGC UxS group on current developments
    (c) Presentation from the USDA LTAR sUAS Working Group
    (3) Presentation of draft RDA WG charter as developed in the lead up to P13 by the sUAS Data IG community – 15 minutes
    (4) Discussion of the WG draft, and Outlining of Next Steps – 35 minutes
    Target audience
    Any RDA Members with experience (via IGs, WGs, or other) with data management related to emerging information technologies, and an interest in discussing that experience in relation to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). Any academic and commercial users of sUAS for data collection are encouraged to attend and to bring their local community’s perspective on the challenges, needs, and opportunities of sUAS collected data management.
    Group chair serving as contact person:
    Lindsay Barbieri
    Type of meeting:
    Working meeting
    Remote Access
    Instructions coming soon

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