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Developing community recommendations for FAIR drone data

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    Collaborative session notes: 
    20min Introductory panel: To facilitate  the drafting of a Working Group charter the session will see the above briefly introduced and some initial WG goals tabled.  Additional commentary will be added by invited speakers from associated RDA and external groups.
    50min Unconference: A unconference style of engagement will be used to solicit input from the audience and online attendees regarding potential WG goals and charter text development.  
    10min Conclusions and Wrap up

    Additional links to informative material
    Group charter:
    LANDRS project gitrepo:
    LANDRS slack channel:
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    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    ESIP/AGU/RDA Enabling FAIR Data Coordination Group

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    ESIP/RDA Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences IG

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Jane Wyngaard

    Meeting objectives
    Together with the broader drone community and particularly ESIP, a paper was recently submitted in part based on the work of this group [1].  In it 8 challenges to the drone community were set out:

    Sensor use procedure
    Operational practices
    Analytics and Error correction procedures
    Data and metadata data formats
    Data and metadata provenance practices
    Data product levels
    Data management and analytics tools
    Data management education

    The Linked data And Networked DRoNeS project is working with the global drone community to build an Application Programming Interface (API) to serve as a tool for building drone data infrastructure.   In doing so it seeks to begin to address challenges 4-7 in part.  An essential parallel component to the code development for such is community discussion, particularly focusing on (4) and (6).  An RDA WG would be an appropriate vehicle to facilitate such discussion.
    The primary objective of this session is therefore to draft a working group charter based on attendee input.
    [1] Emergent Challenges for Science Suas Data Management: Fairness through Community Engagement and Best Practices Development,

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