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RDA’s 20th Plenary_SHARC session_March 23

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    Hanna Shmagun

    Dearmembers of SHARC IG,We will run ahybrid sessionduring the RDA’s 20th Plenary on the 23rd March at 12:30-14:00 UTC.We will present the first draft of Guidance/Recommendations for researchers and relevant stakeholders (research institutions, governments, funders, publishers) proposing certain actions for implementation of Open Science rewarding paths. This Guidance is based on the results of a global survey, which we conducted between April-October 2022. We received 230 responses from individuals across five continents, covering 37 countries. The survey identified existing & expected rewards for Open Science activities,such as research data sharing.The session will focus on:- discussion of the draft Guidance for its further improvement and how it can reach outactivelytargetactors of rewarding schemes,- collection of additional examples of existing rewarding initiatives to be added to our‘Lists of resources’and discussion of how topossiblymaintain these lists in the future as a living document.We hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to meeting you virtually or in person in Sweden.Kind regards,Hanna Shmagun(co-chair)

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