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Information about the 3rd Stakeholder Assembly Meeting on the Reform of Research Assessment on 8 July and reminder SHARC survey

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    Anne Cambon-Thomsen

    Dear member of the SHARC IG of RDA, Dear colleagues,
    This mail is to inform you about the 3rd Stakeholder Assembly Meeting on
    the Reform of Research Assessment on 8 July, that I shall attend on
    behalf of SHARC; I took the initiative to register SHARC early in 2022
    as one of the (so far) 350 organisations involved in this initaitive
    ; this is because the theme is in full resonance with our group topic.
    There has been two previous Stakeholder meetings where SHARC was
    represented by  Hanna Shmagun, another co-Chair of the group, as I was
    unavailable. There is /Maximum one representative per organisation./Two
    documents have been produced : an Agreement on Reforming Research
    t, that
    isclose to finalisation; and a proposal for coalition governance
    You will find the link to the QUASI FINALISED version of the agreement
    in the mail below. The Coalition governance is still in confidential
    drafting but is largerly inspired by the RDA Governance.
    I shall of course let you know abour the final outcome and hope some of
    your own organisations will sign the Agreement in the future.
    The on-line survey aims to identify perceptions and expectations of
    various research communities regarding how Open Science activities,
    especially towards data sharing,  are (or should be) taken into
    consideration and rewarded among research activities in their
    evaluation. The results will help elaborating future recommendations
    towards various stakeholder groups involved in research evaluation. It
    has received an approval from the research ethics committee of the
    University of Toulouse. The survey is anonymous, takes about 10 minutes
    and the link is here :
    In your quality of SHARC IG members we count on you to disseminate the
    survey in your circles! But remind people to only answer once!
    With best regards to all and have a good summer for those entering a
    holiday period!
    Anne Cambon-Thomsen
    Dear Madam, dear Sir,
    We are delighted to share the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment
    you ( .
    Please note that the text still needs to be copy-edited. We also share a
    proposal for the coalition governance
    Both the agreement and the proposal for the coalition governance will be
    presented at the upcoming stakeholder assembly.
    The objective of the meeting on 8 July is to present the Agreement and
    present and discuss the future governance and steps for the formation of
    the coalition. Participants will be given ample time to provide focussed
    input to the proposed organisation and operation of the coalition and to
    discuss the steps leading towards a Constitutive Assembly.
    Science Europe, the European University Association and the European
    Commission are committed to providing a welcoming, collegial, safe, and
    respectful experience for the participants in the Reform of Research
    Assessment Stakeholder Assemblies.
    We look forward to discussing this important topic with you.
    Kind regards,
    European University Association
    Science Europe
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    /With the support of the European Commission///
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    automatically generated//
    *Science Europe*
    Rue de la Science 14
    1040 Brussels, Belgium
    +32 (0)2 226 03 00
    *European University Association*
    Avenue de l’Yser 24
    1040 Brussels, Belgium
    +32 (0)2 230 55 44

    Dr Anne Cambon-Thomsen
    Directrice de recherche émérite au CNRS
    CERPOP, UMR 1295, Inserm, Université de Toulouse, Université Toulouse
    III – Paul Sabatier
    Equipe BIOETHICS : “Trajectoires d’innovations en santé : enjeux
    bioéthiques et sociétaux”
    Plateforme sociétale genotoul
    Ambassador of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) for health sciences and
    research ethics
    37 allées Jules Guesde     F-31073 Toulouse Cedex
    Tel : +33 (0)5 61 14 59 59 Mobile: +33 (0)6 79 41 13 48    Fax : +33
    (0)5 61 14 56 23   Skype: act_pro
    E-mail :


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