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Data Steward Career Tracks survey

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    Yan Wang

    Dear RDA members,
    (apologies for cross-posting)
    Our RDA Professionalising Data Stewardship Interest Group is conducting a survey on Data Steward Career Tracks. Research Data Management (RDM) professionals like Data Stewards are playing an increasingly vital role in research practices. However, such role has not been recognized as a profession in the academic system. 
    With this survey, we would like to better understand the current and future career perspectives of people who were/are hired as Data Stewards or work(ed) in similar RDM support roles, and seek participants (volunteers) who would like to provide more insightful input. This initial study will serve as the starting point for studying the career trajectory of Data Stewards across different regions and organizations.  
    The survey can be accessed here and is open from 20 June – 20 October 2022. The results of the survey will be published in blogs and shared via the RDA mailing list.
    Thanks for your collaboration. 

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