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new colleague A. Wellmann in Göteborg

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    Stephan Hachinger

    Dear all,
    I just wanted to introduce you our new colleague, Alexander Wellmann, who will be for us (LRZ) at the plenary alone, as all others unfortuntately have other conferences and obligations. Please give him a warm welcome and I’m happy you’ll get to know him at the IG session.
    He joined LRZ last year and is since doing great work on the inHPC-DE project, building a common methodology for RDM in the largest 3 German supercomputing centres. Moreover, he works on the National Research Data Infrastructure for ESS project (NFDI4Earth, see all of us at the bottom of this page: and now also on a RDM infra project for biologists.
    Have a great conference at Göteborg and hear you all soon!

    Dr. Stephan Hachinger
    Team Lead Research Data Management
    Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) – Research (FOR)
    Boltzmannstr. 1
    85748 Garching b. München (Germany)
    Phone: +49 89 35831 7830

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