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Healthy architectures for healthy data – sharing approaches for sensitive data architectures

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    Ville Tenhunen

    Collaborative session notes:
    1. Brief introduction to the group
    2. Presentations and lightning talks by Institutions – followed by the questions and discussion 
    Proposed presentations (per 26th June, the list might change):

    Research Data Management in Munich – updates from rdmuc (BSB-LMU-LRZ-TUM+x) + glimpse on first sensitive-data projects at LRZ1
    Sensitive data architecture and services in the University of Helsinki
    RD policy of the FMI
    Sensitive data at the UCL

    3. Governance survey
    4. Seeking for WG topics
    5. IG activities
    1) Authors:

    M. Hora, C. Wolter (TUM)
    S. Kümmet, J. Penagos, V. Schallehn, J. Schulz, M. Spenger, A. Weiss (LMU)
    A. Stanzel (BSB)
    R. García-Hernández, A. Götz, S. Hachinger, N.J. Hammer, M. Hayek, J. Munke, H. Nguyen, R. Pichler, M. Sharikadze, T. Weber (LRZ) 

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    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Repository Platforms for Research Data IG

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    FAIR Digital Object Fabric IG

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Ville Tenhunen

    Meeting objectives
    Special topic of the session: “Healthy architectures for healthy data – sharing approaches for sensitive data architectures”. The main objectives are to consider the ways that research institutions are approaching the provision of infrastructure for sensitive data, and to analyse the different systems used to enable researchers to work with and manage such data.
    General objectives of the meeting:

    Share examples of good practices relating to research data architectures via case studies of institutions
    Discuss in particular institutional RDM policies and governance, RDM architectures, challenges, and use cases
    Discuss the governance survey (to determine how institutions are currently set up and who are the people with the authority to decide institutional architectures) and plan the conduction
    IG activities; Possible WG ideas, joint activities worth to other RDA groups
    Identification of additional partners and new WG ideas

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