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Birds of Feather session on Computational Reproducibility at Plenary 20

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    Tom Honeyman

    Hi All,
    I’m writing to let you know about an upcoming birds of a feather session on Computational Reproducibility at the next plenary, which I hope you can attend.
    The RDA Reproducibility IG is currently in “completed/historical” mode. After a number of interesting sessions on reproducibility at International Data Week 2022, we were wondering if it might be time to revive the interest group.
    In the birds of a feather session we’ve organised a wonderful panel covering a wide array of angles on computational reproducibility. In the discussion, we’ll be asking what’s next for computational reproducibility in the RDA, and in particular what role would an interest group for Computational Reproducibility play in a landscape with other initiatives in the same topic.
    If computational reproducibility and/or reviving the interest group is of interest to you, please come along to the BoF to be part of the discussion.
    Kind regards,
    Tom Honeyman
    (Co-Chair CURE-FAIR WG, Co-Chair of SSC IG, and co-lead on this BoF)

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