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Scholix/Data Usage Metrics WG joint session: from data citation to data metrics

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    Introductions (group chairs/co-chairs), why we’re combining these topics 5 minutes

    Short introduction to Scholix

    Updates on data citation progress from the community (Crossref – well have better numbers from Event Data, we now support relationships in the metadata etc.), OPENAire, STM? 

    Data Usage Metrics

    Group status & recommendations

    DataCite work on log processing service (Kristian Garza, DataCite)


    1. First group option
    Data Usage Metrics WG

    Additional links to informative material
    Working Group Recommendation
    Burton, A., Fenner, M., Haak, W., & Manghi, P. (2017). Scholix Metadata Schema For Exchange Of Scholarly Communication Links.
    Scholix Metadata Schema
    La Bruzzo, S., & Manghi, P. (2017). The Scholix Metadata Schema (Json And Xml). Zenodo.
    Open Citations data dump in Scholix format
    OpenCitations​. (2020). COCI Scholix dataset of all the citation data [Data set]. figshare.
    Bibliometric analysis of Scholix data
    Khan, N., Pink, C. J., & Thelwall, M. (2020). Identifying Data Sharing and Reuse with Scholix: Potentials and Limitations. Patterns, 1(1), 100007.
    COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data 
    Data Usage Metrics WG Recommendation 

    Applicable Pathways
    Semantics, Ontology, Standardisation, Data Lifecycles – Versioning, Provenance, and Reward

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    PID IG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    Data Usage Metrics: The WG has produced a recommendation in consideration with RDA for endorsement. The recommendation is focused on community prioritization of normalizing data usage counts according to the COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data. 
    Scholix: The working group has generated a Scholix metadata schema, has helped implement this schema in multiple Scholix hubs and other infrastructure providers, and has built a community that provides Data citation services. The group is in maintenance mode since 2019 and continues to work on Scholix adoption with repositories, publishers and other industry groups. 

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Rachael Lammey

    I declare that I have informed the chairs of all the Working / Interest groups included in this joint meeting application.

    Meeting objectives
    To update the community and engage in discussion on progress being made on article/data linking by numerous stakeholders, developments in developing community-led data metrics and how these initiatives complement each other.

    Please indicate the breakout slot (s) that would suit your meeting
    Breakout 8, Breakout 11, Breakout 14, Breakout 17, Breakout 20, Breakout 23

    Privacy Policy

    Target Audience
    1) Data repositories who want to understand better how to contribute to and consume data citations and data usage metrics
    2) Publishers who want to understand better how to contribute data citations from their publications and find out about the work happening around data usage
    3) Consumers of data citation links and information about data usage (e.g. SMEs, service providers) 

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