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cancellation call today: Survey of Data Centres’ Business Models / Income Streams

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    Ingrid Dillo

    Dear group members,
    Due to unforeseen circumstances we unfortunately have to cancel our call today. The call next week Friday 5 June, 12.00 UTC will definitely take place. So we hope to talk to you then and have a first rough structure for our report ready to discuss with you.
    Best wishes, also on behalf of Simon and Anita,
    From: Simon Hodson
    Date: woensdag 20 mei 2015 17:26
    To: RDA/WDS Publishing Data Cost Recovery for Data Centres
    Cc: Ingrid Dillo , Anita de Waard
    Subject: [rdawds-cost-recovery] Survey of Data Centres’ Business Models / Income Streams
    To the RDA – WDS Group on Data Centres’ Business Models / Income Streams,
    Collectively we did some excellent work in January and February conducting over 20 interviews on Data Centre’s Income Streams. The session at the RDA Plenary in San Diego was attended and went well. I attach the presentation that was made.
    The co-chairs (Ingrid Dillo, Anita de Waard and myself) met today to discuss the next steps and to ensure that the hiatus that has occurred should to continue any more!
    Unfortunately, we were not provided with an ‘RDA Data Sharing Fellow’ with the explanation ‘unfortunately, we couldn’t find a match for your project among the applications.’. This means that the next tasks must fall! on the Group.
    To take forward our work, Ingrid, Anita and myself have agreed to speak at the following times.
    12.00 UTC, Thursday 28 May
    12.00 UTC, Friday 5 June
    All members of the Group are invited to join us. GoToMeeting details will be circulated very soon!
    The outputs listed and agreed in San Diego were as follows:
    1. Draft survey report (July 2015)
    2. Summary for funder consideration (August 2015)
    3. RDA P6: discussion of the report with funders (September 2015)
    4. Possible In-depth case studies (Nov 2016)
    5. Possible Focus group (virtual) meetings (Nov 2016)
    6. RDA P7: Final conclusions and recommendations (March 2016)
    We agreed that the next steps to achieve this are as follows:
    1) The co-chairs will write to! data centres and funders to ‘alert them to’ / ‘remind them of’ this work and to invite feedback on a framework for the survey report which will be circulated later.
    2) The group will prepare a framework for the report and seek feedback on this from data centres and funders to make sure that it will be as useful as possible.
    3) We will prepare this framework off-line and advance it in the calls listed above. The aim will be to circulate this framework to funders and data centres in week commencing 15 June.
    4) In the first instance, we agreed that we will work on a structure based on that of the Dutch Data Landscape report on which Ingrid was a lead author:
    Finally, I would like to remind you of links to:
    Our RDA Page:
    Our Google Drive:
    And the Interview Data on the Google Drive:
    I look forward to speaking with you on 28 May and 5 June.
    With very best wishes,

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