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TRUST Principles & Certification updates

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    Meredith Goins

    Collaborative session notes:…
    This session will include

    Welcome and introduction
    Presentation: A review of the submitted TRUST Principles implementation working group to the RDA TAB including the work plan, adoption plan and timelines associated with the WG charter
    Discussion: TRUST Principles 
    Discussion: Digital repository certification updates
    Next steps and closure

    Applicable Pathways
    FAIR, CARE, TRUST – Principles, FAIR, CARE, TRUST – Adoption, Implementation, and Deployment

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Data Repository Attributes WG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    In order to guarantee data sharing, the long-term preservation of these data in sustainable digital repositories is a sine qua non. Data that are created and used by science and scholarship need to be managed, curated and archived, making sure that the substantial investments in preparing and presenting the content and tools will not be lost. Researchers need to be sure that the resources the repositories offer remain meaningful and usable over time. Moreover, the repositories themselves need to have sustainable business models.
    Preservation and sustainability raise challenges in many areas. The main issues related to long term preservation and sustainability remain basically unresolved, as many organizational, technical, financial and legal aspects remain open. Certification is therefore fundamental in guaranteeing the trustworthiness of digital repositories and thus in sustaining the opportunities for long-term data sharing.
    The Interest Group will build on previous work in the area of certification. It will deliver the global overview and the necessary recommendations and requirements that allow the effective implementation of certification of digital repositories on a global level.

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Meredith Goins

    Meeting objectives
    The objectives of this session are to engage and update the membership of the Interest Group by sharing the status of the TRUST Principles Implementation Working Group submission to RDA.  Additionally, the Interest Group continues to build on previous work in certification and will invite certifying bodies such as CoreTrust Seal to share updates on their certifications. 

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