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RDA UK Newsletter – October 2020

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    Christopher Brown

    Dear RDA UK members,
    Welcome to the latest newsletter from the RDA UK node.
    In this email you’ll find the latest news and updates from the project, including the following:
    * RDA UK update
    * Plenary 16 in Costa Rica
    * Plenary 17 in Edinburgh
    * UK adoption stories
    Christopher Brown (Jisc) and Juan Bicarregui (UKRI-STFC)
    RDA UK Node Newsletter – October 2020
    RDA UK update
    As you’re probably already aware, the UK node (UKRI-STFC supported by Jisc) has been funded by the RDA Europe 4.0 project and was one of the 9 original “pioneer” nodes when the project started in March 2018. An additional group of 13 national nodes joined the network during 2019 via three open calls. The 22 national nodes “are key to realising the objective of consolidating a strong European research data community that enables common European contributions to the RDA work and governance, globally”.
    The original end date for this project was 31 May 2020, but due to the impact of COVID-19 the project was extended until 30 September 2020.
    Although the RDA Europe 4.0 project has come to an end, we have been looking at options for sustainability of the UK node, at least until the 17th Plenary in April 2021 and hopefully beyond. We would like to continue to engage with our community and work with other organisations to look at sustainability options for the node.
    As of September 2020, there were 944 UK registered members of the RDA. That is a 40% growth of membership since the start of the UK node in March 2018. The UK continues to have the second largest membership after the USA.
    Details of all UK node events that were run during the project, as well as posts to the mailing lists, adoption stories and other relevant information, can be found on the UK node page. This page will continue to be maintained.
    Plenary 16 – Costa Rica 9-12 November 2020
    The 16th Plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance is a virtual event and is taking place on 9-12 November 2020. If your wondering whether you should attend, it’s worth watching the recent webinar What is RDA and Why Should I Attend Virtual Plenary 16? The programme is now also available, as is registration.
    Plenary 17 – Edinburgh 20-22 April 2021
    The Digital Curation Centre in collaboration with Jisc and UKRI-STFC will be hosting RDA’S 17th Plenary meeting on 20-22 April 2021 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Both UKRI-STFC and Jisc are working with the DCC on the Programme Committee for planning Plenary 17. Although it is currently planned as a hybrid event, national and local restrictions may force us to run this as a virtual event.
    We are running a “What is RDA and Why Should I Attend P17?” webinar 11-12 UTC on 26 October 2020. Speakers include Hilary Hanahoe (RDA Secretary General), Kevin Ashley (DCC), Juan-Bicarregui (UKRI-STFC), Christopher Brown (Jisc) and Sarah Jones (GÉANT). The following topics will be covered:
    * RDA and the world of open science
    * An overview of the local hosts DCC, UKRI, and Jisc, and their coming together to organise RDA’s 17th Plenary
    * Building the global infrastructure and RDA’s contribution
    * Community building and best practice
    * RDA UK
    * Calls for sessions and co-located events, and RDA Plenaries – how does it work?
    * Hybrid and Virtual Plenaries
    Further details, including the link to the registration page, can be found at
    UK Adoption Stories
    To see how to implement RDA outputs to improve the sharing, exchange and interoperability of your own data, RDA members who have already adopted RDA outputs, have been asked to share their experience and lessons learned in a story. You can find out about RDA adoption stories by individuals, organisations and projects on the Adoption Stories webpage.
    From the UK, we have the following adoption stories:
    * Tom Renner (Haplo) – Adoption of RDA DMP Common Standard for machine-actionable DMPs
    * Chris Gibson (University of Manchester) – Using API for Scholix and DataCite to identify datasets from external repositories and populate the institution’s CRIS with the metadata
    * Varsha Khodiyar (Springer Nature) – Fostering reproducible research. Supporting researchers to publish FAIR data alongside their scholarly publication
    * Chris Graf (Wiley) – Wiley adopted the RDA FAIRsharing registry output to enable open research publishing.
    RDA is still seeking new adoption stories to inspire the further uptake of RDA outputs. If you are using a RDA output, you can submit your story via the Adoption Stories webpage.
    If you have any comments or feedback on any of the topics in this newsletter please get in touch.
    Please note, to unsubscribe from this mailing list you will need to visit where you can manage your mailing list subscriptions for all RDA groups, once you’ve logged in to the site.
    Christopher Brown
    Senior co-design manager
    T 020 3006 6072
    M 07891 501177
    Twitter @chriscb
    3rd Floor, 15 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BW
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