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Inventorying Research Software Policies — Call for Contributions

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    Please share the policy documents regarding research software from your organization by the 6th of May 2024; via: 
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    Inventorying Research Software Policies
    The Research Software Alliance (ReSA) and Research Data Alliance (RDA) working group on Policies in Research Organisations for Research Software (PRO4RS) aims to empower research institutions worldwide by developing, aligning, and implementing policies reinforcing FAIR and open science principles, focusing on research software.
    PRO4RS is currently working on the identification of institutional policies that support research software. We are asking the community to share research software policy documents from your organization. These could be policies around research software (or open source software) that govern the creation, maintenance, acquisition, use, distribution and management of software within their environment, as well as to recognise such work. ReSA has a list of such policies, which we are looking to expand.
    What is the impact of your participation?
    Research software is recognized as a key component of academic research, yet its governance remains underdeveloped compared to other research outputs. Community participation contributes to a transparent process of sharing experiences and best practices.
    By submitting an organization’s policy documents or strategies related to research software, you’ll help the community to

    Establishing a global overview of existing practices.

    Identifying gaps towards policy development efforts.

    Advancing the ultimate goal of sustainability, reproducibility, and quality of research software outputs.

    Contributors can join the PRO4RS network and be part of the leading efforts to:

    Enhance recognition and support for research software.

    Facilitate standardized policy adoption across institutions.

    Share current developments on research software policy

    Please share with anyone you think would be interested in contributing.
    How to Contribute?
    Please share the policy documents regarding research software from your organization by the 6th of May 2024; you can submit them at the following link. 
    For more information, visit:
    and don’t forget to join the working group!

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