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Suggesting changes for the openness of the SyA wiki page on the RDA Global web site

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    Dear All,
    As you all have discovered the SyA wiki pages have quite a strict protection both for reading the wiki pages as well as joining the SyA wiki in general. This has caused a lot of confusion and stress both from the RDA member side as well as from the administrational side. To enable both a smoother access of the wiki pages as well as joining the list itself we are now proposing a changes to the current settings:
    1) The SyA wiki pages (including the mail messages in the list) would be open to the world. Now they are only open to SyA members!
    2) Anybody having a user id and password and who has first logged into the RDA Global web site would be able to join the wiki mailing list/remove him/herself from the list. Now only the admin can add a person to the wiki page/mailing list!
    This should remove the problem that people neither don’t see the SyA wiki pages or can’t join the mailing list.
    You get this mail because you are a member of the SyA mailing list. If you have objections against making the SyA wiki pages as well as the mailing list public to the world please let us know as soon as possible. If we do not get any objections by Friday 17th February we will change the SyA wiki and mailing list protections similar to the access of the Working and Interest Group wiki spaces.
    Best wishes,

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